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Fridge Brilliance

  • While Uncle Ben's death might not have been a financial burden to Aunt May, the Green Goblin's destruction of their house and her subsequent medical bills could have wiped out any nest-egg Ben left behind.
  • During the building fire scene, Spider-Man's quip toward the Green Goblin ("It's you who's out, Gobby... Out of your mind!") is actually a great and subtle Take That! towards Goblin. Norman started really melting down when his fellow Oscorp executives said he was "out" of the company. Spidey calling him "out" as well just digs the knife in deeper, and even might explain why Goblin makes it his duty to destroy Spider-Man.
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  • Why does Peter keep Harry in the dark about how his father died - even when Harry constantly obsesses and drowns his sorrows about it, going so far as to slap Peter in the face publicly for not helping him get revenge? Why does he still deflect even when Harry finds out his secret identity and accuses him of murder to his face? Because Peter himself is still guilt-stricken about it. He doesn't tell Harry he didn't kill his father, because on some level, he still thinks he did.
  • The genetically-engineered spider was created by combining the DNA responsible for the attributes of 3 species of Spider. We see a graphic that the strands overwrite the Host DNA of the species it was implanted in. Because Peter's DNA is Human, that's why the mutation only causes him to develop the abilities, and not turn into a Seth Brundle abomination.
  • There's a somewhat popular theory that Peter actually doesn't get his $3,000 for beating Bonesaw because he misunderstood the rules of Kayfabe, and didn't realize that he was just supposed to put on a good show for three minutes and "lose" for the audience's amusement. If you assume that the fight with Bonesaw is actually supposed to be a staged performance, several things about it make a lot more sense. Peter's "spider-sense" never once goes off during the fight, as Bonesaw isn't actually trying to hurt him. The wrestler melodramatically screaming "I can't feel my legs!" as the paramedics carry him out on a stretcher is just another performer putting on an act. And most glaringly, nobody bats an eye about Peter's webbing giving him an unfair advantage, because the match is about spectacle rather than fighting ability; if it had been a real fight, Peter probably would have been disqualified the second he used his webs to climb onto the ceiling.
    • The best part of this interpretation is that the promoter's treatment of Peter is still despicable. First, going by his "you pinned him in two" minutes instead of three argument, 2/3 of $3,000 is $2,000, not $100. Second, the crowd obviously loved the show Peter gave them, so if Peter's job wasn't to win a contest but to put on a good show, he still delivered. Either way, the jerk had no right to cheat him out of almost all of the promised payment.
  • At first, Jameson's mini-rant about how he resents being called out for slander, because in print it's libel, comes off as Insistent Terminology and just a joke. On second glance, of course Jameson would resent it. Jameson's not shooting his mouth off in a way he could later deny, he stands by every word he prints.
  • The concept of Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms having independent sentience actually puts the character even closer to his namesake: in Real Life, two-thirds of an octopus' neurons are bunched in the tentacles and outside of the brain, and this gives the tentacles partial independence.