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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • According to many analysis and what is shown in the series, children are comparable to pets, which makes sense if one considers that CPS didn't always exist before being founded by Henry Bergh, the same founder of the ASPCA, an organization for the protection of animals.
    • Adding fuel to the fire is Mary Ellen Wilson, the first recorded victim of child abuse in the USA. She was only successfully removed from her abusive foster parents after statues preventing cruelty to animals were invoked, as there were little to no laws to protect children at the time.
  • In Episode 11-When Care A is found in the room she is unable to be captured due to being surrounded by a block. If you observe closely her sprite occasionally turns blue and shivers. Behind the girl's bed is some kind of machine in the window which must be knocked out in order to capture her. Seems like someone set the air conditioning a little too high and froze Care into an ice block.
  • Regarding how Care A was captured- Paul got the idea from MARVIN, and Marvin doesn't seem all that mentally well, does he?
    • No. However, this adds another layer of Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror, as, with Abusive Parents being something of a theme, it can be inferred that Paul is starting (and continuing) another cycle of abuse.

Fridge Horror

  • Are the Characters of the Newmaker plane in some purgatory where they live out their nightmares, tortured physically and mentally? There is an allusion to this when you realize the Plane functions as an underworld of sorts for the characters. Compared to the cheery pet store, the Newmaker plane serves as a physical and mental hell for Care, and the other characters.
  • It's mentioned that Marvin does something to the kids that makes them "unloveable". Exactly what does he do?
  • There's some of this on the subject of Tiara/Belle. According to Ep. 12, someone (probably Rainer, it's not really clear) mentions that they didn't put her features into the Child Library because she's not family, which begs the question as to how she came to be associated Petscop and the other characters.

Fridge Logic

  • How does the character pull levers if he cannot open doors and he has no arms?
    • He has a mouth...
      • Couldn't he just open doors with his mouth too?
      • Might depend on if the door has a knob or a handle. The former would be far more difficult to open with one's mouth than the latter - or pulling a lever.
      • In all consideration, if my memory is correct, the description of Paul's avatar says he "doesn't know how to open doors", not that he can't.
      • It appears that the comment about doors is specific to Paul. Marvin didn't encounter it in his playthrough.


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