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The game is a Nambla metaphor
Paul finds a note with the letters "A", "B", and "NLM". With those letters, you can make the word NAMBLA. Those lovely pets are a metaphor for kidnapping little kids.
  • Maybe but part of that doesn't account for the female Care or Tiara/Belle.

Care is a victim of incest
Care is heavily connected to two things: flowers, and the phrase "nobody loves me". These two things form the backbone of this theory.

The note found in Care's bedroom appears to be about her father. The lines of the note that pop out here are "A young person walks into your school building. They walk in with you. You're holding their hands. They come out crying into their hands, because nobody will love them, not ever again." Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often end up with feelings of self-loathing and stigmatization, which can lead to them feeling that they either can't be loved or don't deserve it. The note's reference to a school points towards Marvin being Care's father, since it's known that he has a daughter and has some connection to the school.


A girl speculated to be Care herself is found on the lower floor of the shack with a giant daisy in it. Paul plucks the petals from the flower in an imitation of the "loves me, loves me not" game. In addition to representing her trichotillomania, the petal plucking could be a "deflowering" metaphor, which would explain why her sprite distorts after they've all been plucked; the distortion could symbolize her being traumatized by the event. The "loves me, loves me not" game may also represent conflicting feelings towards her father and confusion as to whether or not he loves her.

The final piece of evidence lies with the pets Randice, Toneth, and Roneth. Randice, being a flower, can pretty easily be linked to Care. Toneth is first seen in a painting in Even Care, where he is standing next to Randice. He's seen in person much later, when he appears during the encounter with the shadow man. Since the shadow man is implied to be Marvin, it would make sense that Toneth has some kind of connection to him. Roneth is a hybrid of Toneth and Randice, and is speculated to be their child, which leads one to conclude that Care was impregnated by her own father.

  • Might be slightly Jossed, as Roneth, according to his description in one episode, is Toneth's half brother, however, that might depend on how one interprets "half brother"
  • Also if you think about it: It's possible that Mike might have been their child, since the text "Mike was a gift." could potentially play in the fact that this man KNEW that he had a child with his own daughter...

In order to change Care NLM into Care A, she has to be loved.
"To catch her, you had to lie, but it may not be a lie forever. [...] You can turn Care NLM into Care A." The lie was changing the treadmill to -1, possibly "adding" one petal to her flower and ending the "loves me, loves me not" mantra on "loves me". It might be a lie at the moment, but if Care does ends up being loved, she can be healed.

The thing behind the second censor
It's not the most complex thing, but something I stumbled into watching it. The grave for Michael has the epitaph "Mike was a gift" The second object that needed to be censored involved something red, garnered a "What the fuck" reaction from Paul after watching it, and came out of a giftbox.

Garalina is forcing Paul to keep making videos.
He dug his grave, now they're going to make him lie in it.

The censored objects identify Paul
Upon finding...whatever it was in the child's room, Paul hesitates, but then says that it might just be something any kid's room would have. This suggests that he is familiar with it, but perhaps too familiar, like it's something that Paul had as a child. As for the "red pyramid", Paul reacts more with shock than disgust, like he's personally angry at what appears.
  • Confirmed


Tiara/Belle is adopted

My evidence is that one of the themes of Petscop is the abuse that some adoptive parents deal their children and the fact that her her features (eyebrows, eyes, nose) aren't included in the Child Library on the grounds that she isn't family, which would suggest that she was 1) adopted, 2) kidnapped, or, 3), both. Granted, we don't know precisely what that note meant by "family" but I presume that the note refers to biological family, not adopted.

One could say that, since he couldn't keep or get a hold of Care and the fact the Mike died, Marvin decided to seek out other children for his nefarious purposes, coming across Tiara/Belle. Once he has her, he tries to recondition her, the which he fails at because she resists it (as implied by Quitter's Room and the lines "I am Tiara, not Bell(e)" or "I am not Tiara, which suggests conflicting thoughts).

Paul is not Care's twin, or Care reborn. Rather he's Care's parallel from a dimension that's a mirror image of her own.

Paul repeatedly indicates he is not familiar with many commonly known things. He finds himself turning doorknobs the wrong way, and he fails to recognize the Christmas Tree on the calendar, for instance. In addition, Paul's first experience with the Quitter's Room has him on the reflected side, not the default side, and frequently throughout the series, the direction of how something rotates is often indicative of something. The windmill changes the direction of it's rotation once Paul accesses it and uses the Tool within, and many of the things associated with him rotate in a counter-clockwise manner. If you were facing a door and you turned the doorknob to open it, with a mirror to your left, then your reflection would open the reflected door by turning the knob in the opposite direction.

  • This is supported by the fact that when Marvin opens the controls section of the options menu in Petscop 20, the default configuration has the right and left buttons make you go left and right, respectively.

Rainer was a worker for/founded Garalina and is re-purposing the game to interrogate/punish Marvin.
Here goes: Petscop was a game in development, but was cancelled for reasons that we probably won't learn about. Rainer, a worker/founder of the company, had that "event" between him and Marvin during the game's development that started the bad blood between them; when the game was cancelled, Rainer modified the development build he had of Petscop to give to Marvin as a trojan horse, actually being full of evidence for his crimes and Rainer saying that he knows what he's done.If we assume Marvin is the one playing during Petscop 20, Rainer is making him find the grave of a child he presumably abducted, and goes over in detail what he used the censored objects for in a berating manner, as well as accusing him of knowing exactly what that brick house was "used for".

Petscop is set in a slightly Zee Rust setting.
Technology in the Petscop universe is more or less the same in our universe, but their technology is just better, which allows for seemingly impossible things to happen on a PS1 console.

Paul is an adult, transitioned Care
Paul is a trans man whose traumatic childhood memories are repressed (as is common). The game intended to bring those memories to light so he can testify against Marvin, his father, alongside the other abused children.

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