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Fridge Logic

  • In the episode "Mork's First Christmas," Mork is terrified by what he sees people doing: random gangs singing about beating up Monty Hall and his family ("Deck the Halls"), a police state where a man in a red suit is "stationed" on every corner ringing a bell, and (the sickest) everyone putting little plastic babies on their lawn covered in straw. When Mindy tries calming him down by explaining "this is all a part of our Christmas holiday," he is immediately calm, saying, "Oh, well that explains it." The Fridge Logic kicks in when you think about all the different and certainly bizarre celebrations that he might have witnessed on Ork and other planets, which allows him to immediately equate these customs with local celebrations of some sort.
  • Orkans age in reverse. Which means as the years pass Mork will at some point physically resemble a teenager (and younger). This has some potentially very Squicky implications for his relationship with Mindy.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Not necessarily, because Mork has an age machine.

Fridge Horror

  • The Karmic Transformation of the KKK-esque group in "The Night They Raided Mind-ski's." If there's another such group in town, who's to say there won't be violence?
  • Also, the fate of Mork's girlfriend, who was swallowed by a black hole. "She didn't die. She just reappeared four years later and eight hundred times thinner." Shudder.
  • The hospital in "Mork's Health Tips" doesn't seem like a place you would want to stay if you were sick. Mindy nearly suffers unnecessary brain surgery when the staff confuse her with another patient and a real surgery patient tells Mork that no one's changed her dressings that day.

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