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  • Many, many moments on Mork & Mindy. Heck, some could call it a Crowning Show Of Funny, but a few particular episodes stand out.
  • The scene when Mork de aged himself to a toddler his baby voice and acting was just too much!
  • In "Mork's Health Tips", Mork's attempts to get Mindy out of the hospital so that the doctors will not perform unnecessary brain surgery on her. Including doing Kung-Fu.
    Mork: Look out, Bruce Lee lives! Waaaa!
    Doctor and nurse wrestle him down from the windowsill. Sounds of struggling. Yelp from nurse.
    Nurse: He bit me!
    • This gets even funnier with the Brick Joke at the end of the episode, when Mork and Mindy are chatting with Remo and Gina (apparently after Mindy has finally gotten her tonsils out).
    Mork: You're lucky, Min. You'll only be sore for a few days. I'm gonna be sore for a week.
    Remo: Why?
    Mork: 'Cause the nurse bit me back.
  • In "Mork Goes Public" Mindy and Mr. McConnell pose as aliens to keep Mork from being recognized as one and taken away. The reporter says, "You three are without a doubt the most unconvincing aliens I've ever seen...and Mork, you are the worst."
  • In "Mork in Wonderland", Mork is dressed in striped pajamas, complete with cap. Mindy comments that he looks like "a Ku Klux candy cane".
  • Exidor nearly steals the show at several points from his wild entrances talking to his non-existent friends ("Don't push, there's plenty of room for everyone!") to his insane beliefs and talk, he was such a highlight that the studio audience erupted into cheers whenever he entered the episode.


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