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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the trailers for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hulk is seen fighting Chris Redfield. This might seem unfair but remember that in previous games Hulk could throw boulders. And this is Chris circa Resident Evil 5 (as seen here), who—by the way—has years of experience at this point fighting against giant, nigh-indestructible, genetically-mutated Body Horrors...
    • Deadpool facing of with Dante, when you realise that they're Not So Different; both are wise-cracking, sword-wielding, gunslinging mercenaries and unexpected fan-favorites.
    • Amaterasu and Thor naturally pair off against each other since both are gods in the mortal realm.
    • Also, Morrigan and Iron Man facing off makes sense when you remember that the former is a succubus and the latter a shameless womanizer.
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    • Wolverine and Ryu being paired off also makes sense, as both are rather supersaturated. Wolverine has his publicity, whereas virtually every fighting game tends to have at least 1-5 Ryu-type characters.
  • Why are Wesker and Doctor Doom having a Villain Team-Up in 3? They possess similar ideals and methodology. Heck, they could even be considered Alternate Company Equivalents at this point.
  • You might be wondering why Roll is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom. Because if you pair her up with her brother, you're basically creating a team of ''Rock and Roll''! Lampshaded if you face her:
    Roll: You've seen the Mega Man (In Japan, it's Rock), now feel the Roll!
  • Listening to Deadpool's full theme from Marvel VS Capcom 3, some people felt that it doesn't fit the character at all. But that's where the brilliance comes in. Deadpool is random as it is, so why not have his song be just as random?
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  • During Arthur's reveal trailer, he calls Doctor Doom a "knight from a foreign land". At first glance, one would realize that Doctor Doom looks nothing like a knight of any kind... until you realize that knights are commonly defined by media as always wearing metallic armor. That, and Arthur has never really left his own world that much to travel, only to save Prin-Prin. It's no wonder Arthur doesn't see Doom as anything other than another knight from another place.
  • In the demo fight that had Spider-Man in the black suit fighting Rad Spencer, Rad says "You don't know nothin' about swingin'!" If you think about it, this comment is pretty much a jab to Spider-Man, as both characters use some type of thing (whether it's webbing or a robo-arm) to swing from place-to-place. Not to mention both their worlds are rather dull and dark as it is. It makes a whole lot more sense to pair Spencer up with Spidey than it does with Iron Man.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright's trailer was released. However, I noticed that his overall health is low, while his damage output is high and he has a mini-X-Factor. With so many references to his game (going as far as referencing his sickness as a college student), one has to wonder why his damage output isn't low since he doesn't normally fight, and why his health isn't absurdly high to reference how he managed to survive so many things that a normal human would die from. Then it struck me: this in itself is a reference to how people view Phoenix. To put into perspective, in his own game, he is basically the underdog. The whole court mocks even the smallest mistakes, and the judge always seems to be more in favor of the prosecutor. The low health signifies this. The high damage output comes into play when you realize that when Phoenix finds a hole in an argument, it is always a big hole plus he's known for generally winning hopeless cases. His Turnabout stance increases the output further. Why? The Turnabout is usually the point in the case of the Ace Attorney when Pheonix finds bigger breaks in his witness's argument and ultimately wins the case. — SuperFrost
    • Then the game came out and, as it turns out, ol' Wrighto has one of the highest max. health levels in the game. Turns out the guy's as Made of Iron as he is in his own games.
  • Being a Game-Breaker is genetic, or at least a family business: first it was Cyclops, then in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes it was Cable, Cyclops' son, then in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 it was Dark Phoenix, Cyclops' wife.
  • Between the original two games, their final bosses Onslaught and Abyss have two and three phases respectively. The first game prided itself on having a 2-on-2 team mechanic, while the second upgraded it to, naturally, the bosses would integrate this into their battles as well.

Fridge Horror

  • She-Hulk's reveal trailer shows a super involving her grabbing a car speeding towards her and slamming it on her opponent. Okay. Cool. But wait... what happened to the driver?
    • Even worse, the car explodes. "This is bad!" does not cut it, She-Hulk.

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