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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Kid Radd, I first read through the Earthbound parody without playing the actual game first. This is probably why it took me awhile to realize naming Ness' Captain Ersatz Elliot was a reference to Elliot Ness, the leader of The Untouchables.-Michael JJ
  • Supposedly everyone who visits the Seer is "destined" to die not long after. All four characters who visited it did die - but only technically. Crystal was absorbed and stuck in ghost mode forever thanks to her forgetting to pick which death subroutine to follow. Radd and Sheena got to see doubles of themselves from a sequel game die, and Bogey forced Radd to shoot him to claim a power-up so Radd could keep fighting the Seer. He gets better with the help of Radd's old player and an emulator. -Sorata Yuy
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  • Itty Bitty's instant cure ability is prominently featured during the "Mofo" arc. Why? Because that game is a parody of Earthbound! In that game, even if an attack dealt lethal damage to you, you could still cure yourself or end the fight while the Life Meter was still rolling down (which would stop the rolling of the meter and thus the loss of HP).


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