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Heartwarming / Kid Radd

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  • In the climax, Bogey makes a Heroic Sacrifice to heal Radd.
  • Radd, in a surprising show of Character Development, tells Gnarl that his programming is useless and that he'll die if he keeps following it. When he cries out to Radd and calls him a monster for destroying the only thing he cared about, Radd replies that he's doing this because he cares about him. He tells Gnarl that he's more than just a fighter character, that he's a person who can grow beyond his programming. He doesn't want him to waste his life away, when he could be truly living. The level of care Radd has for Gnarl is really touching, especially since they've only met to fight each other in the past. The fact that Sheena and Bogey obviously care about Gnarl just as much, Sheena even willing to fight both of them in order to keep them from killing each other, makes the situation all the more touching.
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  • Radd meeting his Player in his attempt to revive Bogey.
  • Sheena's line near the ending. "Even if I wasn't written for it, I would've fallen for you anyway."
  • The ending, which breaks the fourth wall in the most inspiring way ever.
    Text Box: So... How about it, human?
    • Especially for those readers who had been around since the early days. Clicking that button gave us all a sense of End of an Age. But in a good way.
  • The credits give thanks to the following places and people.
    Special Thanks to HTML Goodies, Bob and George, Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Jaleco, and the makers of every video game I've ever played.
    And of course, thank you to everyone who's followed Radd on his journey. I wish you the best of luck with your own.


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