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Radd: So you'd really kill me, your own brother?
Gnarl: Maybe. By first, I hafta try to turn you to the dark side. Join me, and we will rule my multinational corporation with evil! Mwahaha!
Radd: Again, lame.

Radd: It seems we're evenly matched.
Gnarl: Actually, that was my weakest attack.
Radd: Oh crap...
Gnarl: *charging a mirror of Radd's strongest attack* Here comes a "medium."

Sheena: Look kid, I'm a very limited sprite. I can't move at all, so I just hafta stay put.
Radd: You know, some guys would consider you an ideal girlfriend.
Sheena: Gnarl, make him pay.

Joule: Ew, I'm getting secondhand loserness from you guys.

Radd: Pathetic. This guy couldn't hit me if we were playing blackjack.

Radd: Not to self: Learn to think and dodge at the same time.

Sheena: That was a whole new kind of WRONG.

Bogey: I have no job and nothing to do. I think I'm gonna go nuts!
Radd: I have no job and nothing to do. Awesome!
Amp: I have no job and nothing to do. I think I'll build some weapons of mass destruction.

Radd: If I wanted my riddles answered with more riddles, I'd consult a jokebook.
Seer: Sure, spoil my fun.

Seer: They've built their army upon the false assumption of a "real" world, where brute force can conquer all. That's their weakness. You too must build your own army... but yours need not be nearly as large, if you select your champions more wisely than the Mods.

Radd: I mean, if a minor enemy sprite and an NPC can take you out, you're sure not gonna help us defeat whole armies.
Sheena: Rudely put, but accurate.

Crystal: You let Radd escape, as well as join up with the renegade Dr. Amp and his crazy weapons. And now they could be anywhere on the net, while we have no way to track them.
Captain QB: Yeah, that's about it.
Crystal: *gets Glowing Eyes of Doom* And on top of it all, you've had a serious accident, leaving me in charge.
Captain QB: Yeah, that sucks. Wait, when did that happen?

Radd: Dude, how do you even put on your pants?

Kobayashi: I shall conquer the third dimension, and someday return to give you a proper duel. This is my solemn oath!
Radd: Well, maybe, assuming I don't decide to just kill you now.
Kobayashi: You wouldn't!
Radd: You're right. But I had you going, didn't I?

Sheena: One programming glitch may have made you the most destructive force in the cyberworld. [beat] Somehow, I'd think you'd find that sort of cool.
Radd: Weirdly, so would I...

Gnarl: Hey, you're cute when you're struggling to restrain homicidal rage.

Crystal: Soldier, you know those movie scenes where the bad guy kills the messenger, just to show that audience how evil he is? Well, I don't do that sort of thing. It's too impractical, not to mention cliche.
Messenger: Oh. Whew! that's quite gracious of you, Ma'am.
Crystal: *zaps him* Infliction of gratuitous pain is enough for me. It's almost as much fun, with no need to hire replacements.

Radd: You're working for Crystal?!
Gnarl: Sorta. Well, not really. It's a funny story.
Radd: *charging Mega Radd* We could all use a good laugh. Talk.

Bogey: Why would I do that? I'm a nice guy! [thinking sadly:]' ...And boy does it stink.

Bogey: Ah, screw it. I don't care if my part in this war is a trillionth the size of Radd's. I'll do whatever the hell I can.

Amp: I already told you, I suck at technobabble. Make up your own.

GI Guy: If you don't mind me saying so, your apocalyptic glow is quite beautiful.

Radd: He was just...well, like a lot of madmen. Somewhat accurate view of the problem, really insane view of the solution.

Minion General: Then stop them! Do whatever it takes!
Minion: I think we reached "whatever it takes" status half an hour ago.

Seer: No. No, NO, NO!!! Don't I have any omniscience left?!
Radd: Apparently not, but I bet you can still see exactly what's coming next.

Radd's Player: Because we have to. If there's just the slightest chance that we can make ourselves into something better, not trying would be a far greater evil than our inborn prejudices.


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