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Fridge Brilliance

  • Momo's atrocious aim apparently doesn't improve with practice - yet Anzu still leaves the Hetzer's gunnery to her during Exhibition Matches, only taking over (and leaving Momo to be the loader) when the stakes are higher. This may be deliberate; potential opponents watching an Exhibition Match may then sharply underestimate the Hetzer's tactical value, making it easier for it to go 'Hetzing'.
    • Indeed, Momo-chan's aim appears to be due to ridiculously bad technique rather than poor eyesight. Details in The Movie suggest that she bumps the gun off-target just as she fires. How she manages to do that so wildly with a heavy 75mm cannon, this troper cannot fathom.
      • The way her shots veer off is consistent with someone who's pulling the trigger, not pushing it as many inexperienced gunners are wont to. That small movement is enough to move her shots off course over a distance.
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    • Momo's bad aim could also be the result of her either being ill-tempered and excitable or a nervous wreck during matches, thus her technique and performance drop considerably. Compare her to the other gunners like Anzu and Hana, who are level-headed and calm during matches, therefore are able to aim properly.
  • Why do the Chihatan students seem to hold the Duck Team in such high regard? Simple. Like them, the Duck Team pilots an underpowered Japanese tank (the Type 89) and win their victories through madcap plans and a reckless courage. Pretty much the ideal of a Chihatan tanker.
  • Yuki no Shingun is an apt leitmotif for Chihatan Academy mainly because the lyrics are about soldiers who are fatalistic and who believe that they will not return to civilian life in any case. A good match to Chihatan's main tactic of "charge enemy gunline -> suffer massive casualties -> ??? -> VICTORY!".
  • It is implied that Shiho knew that Miho had briefly come home despite Maho's efforts otherwise. How would she know? She was to meet Ami Chouno to negotiate the rescission of Ōarai's closure with MEXT so, first, she was aware that Ōarai Academy had been closed. Therefore, she was expecting Miho to come home to arrange the necessary paperwork for a transfer as the signature of a legal guardian is needed for that. She also most likely figured it out the moment Maho stated that she brought a "friend" from school, which as far as she knows, would be uncharacteristic of her elder daughter, but decided to not do anything about it.
    • Never mind the gift box of Ōarai sweet dried potatoes. Only thing more blatant would have been a huge neon sign.
  • The Karl seemingly loading itself, with no one on the various winches outside, while at first, seemingly an animation error, makes sense if you think about it. The emphasis on crew safety involved in Sensha-do means leaving people hanging on the outside of a "tank" would be too risky to stomach, so allowing vehicles like the karl to use electric motors to control such systems for safety's sake makes some sense, especially as counter-battery artillery would, in all likelihood, be the main countermeasure against such a weapon.
  • Rosehip's Crusader seems to be going too fast for a tank of its type, even keeping pace with and overtaking an M24 Chaffee. That is, until you find out about British experiments in equipping a Crusader with the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, allowing it to achieve speeds in excess of 80 km/h.

Fridge Horror

  • The closing of the Ōarai school carrier. It's not only the students affected by the closure of the school, but all the communities that lived on the carrier. Yukari's dad makes the point clear by saying how the business won't even survive on land.
  • During the battle with the University team, Clara's T-34/85 takes a direct hit from the Karl-Morser 600mm mortar. While the tanks are protected against penetrations, the sheer concussive force from such a blast should have been fatal at ground zero. Even though Clara and her crew survive, the very notion that such a weapon was allowed is unnerving.

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