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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Chi can only say "chi" at the beginning because that's the first syllable of her mother's name, Chitose Hibiya.

Fridge Horror:

This is supposed to be an innocent romantic comedy, but there's a lot to be scared of if one thinks about it too long.

  • Chii, who has the emotional capacity of a small child, is led, by a "friendly" stranger to a stage set up for filming porn. The guy tries to get her to perform sex acts, on camera, and the guy has a great deal of experience doing this with Persocoms, that he tricked away from their owners.
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  • Chii's "reset" button is set up in her genitals, she wants to have sex with Hideki, often throwing herself at him, and can't understand why he turns her down.
  • Any persocom that gets connected to Chii, even for diagnostics, overloads, and either shuts down or self-destructs. It took a network of dozens of persocoms in the anime to run a simple routine exam, and they all went into blue-screen in the process.
  • Persocoms have to have their memories routinely moved to external storage because when their internal memory reaches capacity, their OS corrupts and they break down, permanently.
  • The anime's ending where all persocoms get true human-level AI sounds all heart-warming, but... Chii just basically created an entire Slave Race.
  • The story starts with Hideki finding Chii in the neighbor's trash. This means he adopted an abandoned child who goes on to want to have sex with him.

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