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Fridge / Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

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  • Fridge Horror:
    • Fans of the series get scared that something as small as their choice of cereal for Stefan’s breakfast could be the turning point for dystopia. And it’s all your fault.
    • There’s also the fact that no matter what choices you make, the film seems to guide you onto a set path. You’re trying to stop the dystopia but have no choice.
    • The lambda symbol in "White Bear" is used here to represent divergent realities, but eerily hearkens back to that episode’s twist of Victoria’s endless, unknowing torment being used for the entertainment of the masses...only this time, the unfeeling crowd is the audience, playing out Stefan’s torture over and over for entertainment.
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    • The first major turning point occurs when Stefan is asked to work in Tuckersoft to develop the game. If the viewer accepts, Stefan gets crushed by the creation of a failed, neutered version of Bandersnatch. Therefore, the only way to help Stefan choose better is to get him to refuse Thakur's offer, and work on Bandersnatch alone. However, making him choose to work alone is what tips him off to feeling like he's being controlled by someone else, as he clearly wants to work in the team and looks surprised at his own desire to work alone. Stefan's torment and torture from that point on is a result of the viewer trying to help him achieve a better ending, and our desire to help him by making him choose against his own wishes ultimately creates the conditions for his own downfall anyway.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • If you end the story prematurely,(Work with Thakur's development team or take the upped dosage medication, and with either path Stefan ends up creating a completed but neutered Bandersnatch game.) Stefan will make a statement that implies he knows what's going on, or is the one controlling it. Not only this, if you prematurely ended by (Work with Thakur's development team, going back, Stefan will make comments that he'd only know if he knew what was going on. And then Colin would do the same. And yet if you don't take those paths, the story will go in a completely different direction that Stefan doesn't know what's going on.


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