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Headscratchers / Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

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  • You can end up having the main storyline where Colin both disappears (because his girlfriend comes into the office)... and then a few scenes later he hasn't. Is this just a glitch/Plot Hole based on choices where you've got to assume that Colin is hiding for some reason, even though he seems devoted to his daughter?
    • If this occurs, it's a glitch. Colin is supposed to be permanently absent after any playthrough where you made him jump, unless you rewind back to a point in the timeline before that occurred.
      • Colin seems to pop up fairly easily after dying regardless if one goes back to before he dies. This is likely intentional to play with the idea of multiple timelines. In another path, Colin asks to be killed and acts as if he's died before. Depending on choices, he becomes more and more aware of the situation, including asking the viewer to skip ahead at one point.