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That Girl In Yellow Boots is a Bollywood film released in 2011 directed by Anurag Kashyap, known for his uncompromisingly gritty Hindi movies. Its about Ruth (Kalki Koechlin), a British girl who works as a Masseuse and her search for her Indian father in Mumbai.

It's an entirely different brand of Bollywood.

Examples of:

  • Darker and Edgier: No songs (except a couple in the background), all grey characters, no Wet Sari Scene. Deals with themes like pedophilia, bribery, corruption and sexual frustration. You will never see Bollywood the same way again.
  • The Determinator: Ruth, who keeps searching for her father despite encountering all kinds of lecherous, corrupt people.
  • Downer Ending: Ruth learns her father is a pedophile who only married her mother to get close to her sister and got her pregnant, due to which the poor girl committed suicide. As if that wasn't enough, it turns out he came to her massage parlour to get handjobs from her and liked it a lot. The film ends with her despondently returning to Britain.
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  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Chittiappa evolves (or rather devolves) into this after we learn about his rather sad childhood.
  • Jerkass: Prashant as he just wants to have sex with Ruth while she wants a relationship.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Kalki Koechlin is indeed a very beautiful woman.
  • Need a Hand, or a Handjob?: Ruth gives a handjob (or a handshake as she calls it) to whoever asks for it while giving the massage to them. She unknowingly gives it to her father too.
  • Red Herring: Rajat Kapoor, a well-respected character actor in Bollywood appears as a guy in an elevator in a building where Ruth goes to look for her father. He does not appear again and has absolutely nothing to do with the story.