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Film / Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger

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Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger is a 1997 direct-to-video movie which depicts a crossover between Gekisou Sentai Carranger and Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, part of the annual Super Sentai "Vs. Series".

Under orders from Gynamo, SS Statanzo is sent with special gas Exhaus provided to put in cars to have them run away to the Baribarian to be chop-shopped into new Reckless Engine Vehicles as the Bowzock are running out of them after repeated defeats. However, while the other Carrangers handle the Gorotsuki, Red Racer drives Signalman to thwart the insane plot by using his heart-warming song to guilt-trip the cars to return to Earth with Statanzo retreating before Exhaus tortures him over his failure with the Bowzock showing sympathy as they realize they are likely to be next in facing the wrath of the Emperor. Later, after being forced to return to garage on foot, Kyousuke arrives to a hot spring where he finds a strange monster who is pursued by UAOH members who accidentally step on Kyousuke's stomach during the chase of Bara Mobile. The monster, Bara Mobile, manages to win Kyousuke over with a sob story of persecution as his teammates arrive. The UAOH team is also gathered and, after questioning each other, both teams transform to battle it out. While the others pilot RV Robo and Ohranger Robo in the fight's climax, Red Racer fights OhRed to protect Bara Mobile. However, the Carranger's transformation attracts the Bowzock who team up with OhRed over believing him to be the Carrangers' enemy to fight Red Racer and Bara Mobile (who they believe is a good guy as well) before it escalates into a highway chase scene that ends in Red Racer managing to evade Oh Red and the Bowzock. After Red Racer learns that Bara Mobile is really evil, the villain revealing his insane plot to convert humans into Car-Humans, he stops Pegasus Thunder to hand him over to an understandably frustrated OhRed who takes issue with his irresponsibility. The Bowzock then learn that Bara Mobile is evil as well and also learn his plan. Under Exhaus's orders, while holding the regrouped Carrangers off, Gynamo has his men take Bara Mobile back with them to the Baribarian while also haivng OhRed captured as well thanks to Statanzo filling his bike with high octane gas while the large brawl broke out. The other Ohrangers arrive, learning of their leader's capture with intent to report it to Chief Miura so Kyousuke and his team would face the consequences of their actions.

Later, Chief Miura arrives to the Pegasus Garage and despite being furious at the Carrangers' meddling offers not to press charges if the Carrangers rescue OhRed with Ohranger Robo. But it requires them to undergo harsh special training to pilot Ohranger Robo, with Kyousuke being the most tortured among the group. Though the Carrangers passed, Exhaus expected the rescue attempt and had the Bowzock set up a trap so they be subjected to Bara Mobile's experiment and become Car-Humans along with Gorou. But Red Racer was not among the captured and before the Bowzock can fully transform the others into Car-Humans he manages to save them as they destroy Bara Mobile's lab. Taking the fight back to Earth, the Carrangers and Ohrangers take out the Wumpers before defeating SS Statanzo and Bara Mobile with a Booster Cannon/Ohre Bazooka combo. The two monsters survive and then enlarge each with VRV Robo and Ohranger Robo formed to fight them. However as they gain the upper hand fairly quickly, the fight becomes more hectic when Norshirion-Extra (Whom Exhaus ordered from the back of one of his evil magazines,) appears and gangs up on them with the assistance of the two other monsters, overwhelming the teams. All before Signalman arrives to give the teams a scolding for starting a giant fight without his permission, he then brings out Sirender to even the odds as the Sentai mecha use their signature attacks to destroy the three villains in quick succession. Soon after, having buried the hatchet and fixed all the mistakes made, the two Sentai teams celebrate their win on the beach.

This movie contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Continuity Snarl: The film both plays this straight and averts this according to each series.
    • It averts this for Carranger, with the film lining up neatly some time in between episodes 38 and 45 - the former introduces Exhaus, whereas the latter is when Beauty Zonette's alliance with the Bowzock endsnote . Unfortunately...
    • It's played straight in relation to Ohranger - Ohranger is set in 1999 (as confirmed by the show's opening), but the final episode of Carranger takes place on January 24, 1997 in-universenote , and no mention is made of the alterations that Baranoia made during the endgame of Ohranger, granted if they did the plot of the movie would be harder to sell.
  • Crossover: Between Carranger and ''Ohranger
  • Humongous Mecha: The first Vs. movie to feature mecha of both participating series (though Ohranger only gets Ohranger Robo featured, while all three main Carranger mecha are shown here), as Ohranger vs. Kakuranger only featured the Ohranger mecha.
  • In the Name of the Moon: For the Vs. movie, both teams give their roll call in succession. In this case, the previous team (Ohranger) goes first, followed by the current team (Carranger).
    Goro: "OhRed!"
    Shohei: "OhGreen!"
    Yuji: "OhBlue!"
    Juri: "OhYellow!"
    Momo: "OhPink!"
    Ohrangers: "Chouriki Sentai... Ohranger!"
    Kyosuke: "RedRacer!"
    Naoki: "BlueRacer!"
    Minoru: "GreenRacer!"
    Natsumi: "YellowRacer!"
    Yoko: "PinkRacer!"
    Carrangers: "Fighting for traffic safety! Gekisou Sentai - CaaaarrrRanger!"
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The Carrangers knowningly meddling in the business of U.A.O.H. and the Ohrangers leads to Bara Mobile escaping and joining Bowzock to restart the Baranoia Empire and OhRed is kidnapped by SS Statanzo when his Red Jetter is filled with Exhaus' high-octane gasoline; Chief Miura is understandably furious over their actions screwing over the operation and decides to put them through Training from Hell to make them more disciplined soldiers and have them save OhRed personally to get pardoned from an otherwise big sentence by the international organization.
  • Poor Communication Kills: All sides are guilty of this:
    • The Carrangers (mainly Kyousuke) wrongly assume Bara Mobile is a victim of the Ohrangers' persecution just for looking like a bad guy, all because the Bara Machine claimed they attacked him unprovoked and causes them to fight and clash with their predecessors which leads to escalating consequences for everyone.
    • Kyousuke only wises up when Bara Mobile tells him his whole plan, the monster believing in full force that Kyousuke won't take an issue because he's been protecting him so far. Predictably, even Kyousuke isn't stupid enough to continue believing in Bara Mobile's innocence and gets ready to hand him over to the Ohranger.
    • The Ohrangers refuse to elaborate much about their mission and don't apologize for disrupting and harming Kyousuke accidentally, leading to adding fuel to their conflict with the Carrangers.
    • The Bowzock believe OhRed is a bad guy because he fought with Red Racer over Bara Mobile, who himself says is an ally of the Carrangers leading to being seen as a target as well; OhRed on his part thinks the Bowzock are his allies for a while after they offer to team up with him to defeat Red Racer and Bara Mobile.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Turns out the Carrangers interfering with a governmental organization's operation has more consequences than just OhRed getting kidnapped and Bara Mobile getting away as Chief Miura warns them that unless they succeed in using Ohranger Robo to rescue OhRed from Bowzock then they will be faced with the international force's law and sent to jail.
  • Versus Title: In this case the "Vs." of the title refers to the petty squabble-turned-actual fight between the Carrangers and Ohrangers (primarily Red Racer and OhRed).
  • Villain Team-Up: Not at first since Bowzock believe Bara Mobile to be a good guy ally of the Carrangers, while Bara Mobile thinks they're after him since they're Red Racer's enemy. After everything is clarified and he is taken to Baribarian, they do team up with Zonnette even treating him as the new boss to Gynamo's displeasure.