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Everything About Her is a 2016 Philippine comedy-drama film directed by Joyce E. Bernal, starring Vilma Santos, Xian Lim, and Angel Locsin.

The film revolves around Vivian Rabaya, a successful businesswoman who was diagnosed with cancer. She hires the service of nurse Jaica Domingo who brought in Rabaya's estranged son Albert from the United States. Realizing that she has only a few moments in her life left she attempts to reconnect to her son without revealing her illness although unbeknownst to her condition was already made known to her son by her nurse.


Everything About Her provides examples of:

  • Dying Alone: Often discussed by Vivian who cynically remarks in the end everyone dies alone. This is out of her frustration with her disease and setbacks in attempting to emotionally reunite with her son. In the epilogue, Vivian affirms this trope but added that while technically people die alone, that people still need others.

  • Fancy Dinner : Vivian, Jaica, and Albert had a rather awkward one on their way home from Tagaytay.

  • Fast Forward to Reunion : After the scene where Vivian's doctor informed her that she only has a month to live due to cancer spreading to most of her body, Vivian's household and Jaica's family takes part in an outdoor garden party with Vivian making a speech regarding her outlook in life. It is revealed that the party took place 5 months after her meeting the doctor, surpassing expectations on here life expectancy.

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  • Just for the Heli of It : Vivian, Albert, and Jaica rides a helicopter to meet with Vivian's associate in Tagaytay while the rest of her staff rides the limo. Sure it's justified that they risk getting late if they don't fly and that Tagaytay traffic can get really bad. However this is more likely to show how filthy rich Vivian is to the audience.

  • The Topic of Cancer : Vivian has faced many roadblocks in her career but this pales in comparison the moment she got diagnosed with bone cancer. She spent time undergoing chemotheraphy in preparation for a potential stem cell transplant to avert her disease. Though Vivian keeps her illness a secret.

  • Lonely at the Top: Vivian is a rich and successful businesswoman who is at least a multimillionaire but strictly maintains professional relations with others and is estranged with her own son.

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  • Race for Your Love : Involved Jaica and Albert, albeit platonic variation and Jaica doing the race in behalf of Vivian. Jaica attempts to stop Albert from boarding his plane to return home to the US. Jaica don't actually go to the airport physically unlike common execution of the trope and attempts calls him. Albert does answer his phone but doesn't respond. Jaica presumably fails. However, Albert didn't board the plane and visited her mother instead who got confined in a hospital after falling unconscious.

  • Secretly Dying : Vivian keeps her cancer a secret to everyone except to Jaica, her nurse. Jaica cooperating with Vivian's wish vaguely refers to her boss condition as a vague chronic pain which needs medication.

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