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Chak De! India (English: Go For it! India or Go! India) is a 2007 Indian sports film, directed by Shimit Amin and Rob Miller, produced by Aditya Chopra, with music by Salim–Sulaiman and a screenplay by Jaideep Sahni. It is a fictional story about the Indian women's national field-hockey team which was inspired by the team's win at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. The film stars Shahrukh Khan as Kabir Khan, a former hockey star, tainted as someone who betrayed his country, begins coaching the Indian women's national hockey team to prove his loyalty to the nation.

Chak De! India provides examples of:

  • Career Versus Man: Preeti breaks up with her fiancé in order to pursue her sports career.
  • Down to the Last Play: There is a long drawn-out final hockey match between team India and Australia after a tie-breaker.
  • Redemption Quest: Kabir, who was once a Muslim Indian hockey star, falls from good graces when he misses a penalty shot in an India vs. Pakistan match. When the media taints his image by circulating a picture of him shaking hands with the Pakistani captain, he is accused of treachery and is ousted from the team. The rest of the film is about him trying to redeem his loyalty to the nation and getting a second chance at playing for his country.
  • Training Montage: Kabir Khan finally convinces his team that he's the best coach ever: cue title song (literally named "GO INDIA!") and montage of the girls training.