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Film / A Colt is My Passport

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A Colt is My Passport is a 1967 film directed by Takashi Nomura.

Kamimura (Joe Shishido) and his junior partner Shun are hired by yakuza boss Senzaki to assassinate one of Senzaki's rivals, Shimazu. After carefully scouting out Senzaki's home and tracking his movements, Kamimura gains entry into an apartment across the street from Shimazu's home and shoots him, completing the contract.

Kamimura and Shun zip over to the airport, intending to board a flight for France. Unfortunately Shimazu's gang has moved even quicker, and has staked out the airport. In fact, Kamimura and Shun are captured by members of Shimazu's gang, but the badass Kamimura fights his way out. The two hit men, unable to flee the country by plane, go to the waterfront and hide out in a sleazy inn, hoping to escape by boat. Shimazu's goons soon figure this out as well. Even worse for Kamimura and Shun, their boss, Senzaki, has made peace with Shimazu's son and successor. Young Shimazu demands only one thing: the lives of the men who killed his father.



  • Bad-Guy Bar: The Hotel Nagisakan, where Kamimura and Shun hide out. The old lady proprietor sniffs that she only gets "riffraff".
  • Bad Liar: Mina has been informed by the Shimazu gang that they have Shun and they will kill him if Kamimura doesn't give himself up. When she meets Kamimura on the boat she is so desperate to escape that she tells him that Shun will be right along. Kamimura sees through her instantly.
  • Crazy-Prepared
    • Kamimura has a second set of brakes installed on the car he's using for the job. When Shimazu's men grab them, they put Shun behind the wheel with a gun to his head. Kamimura slams on the second set of brakes, stopping the car violently. He wrests the gun from a mook and kills the both of them.
    • For his showdown with Shimazu's gang, Kamimura tells them to meet him in an abandoned field. He then proceeds to build a bomb, with a detonator he rigs up on his wrist—and a magnet on the bomb. He then goes to the open field and digs what looks like a grave. As the Shimazu gang is bearing down on him in an armored car, Kamimura dives into his hole at the last second, and flings the bomb up, the magnet fastening it to the underside of the car. The bomb detonates and kills everyone in the car.
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  • Disturbed Doves: A bunch of pigeons fly up from the ground after Kamimura's pipe bomb goes off.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: How Mina is framed as she tells her melancholy story of being stuck in the waterfront and how badly she wants to escape.
  • Match Cut: From the barrel of Kamimura's gun to the exhaust pipe of his car.
  • Professional Killer: What Kamimura and Shun do for a living.
  • Spiteful Spit: Mina to the Senzaki goon that seems to think he owns her. He slaps her across the face.
  • Staggered Zoom: On to Kamimura's face as he takes the fancy rifle he will use to kill Shimazu.
  • Sticky Bomb: How Kamimura wins, by diving into his foxhole and throwing a magnetic bomb up into the undercarriage of the Shimazu gang's car as they zoom over him.
  • Villain Protagonist: Well, he is a hit man.
  • Yakuza: Rival yakuza bosses in a battle. Yakuza films were very popular in Japan in the 1960s.