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Scion of Sorcery is a Harry Potter/Doctor Strange (2016) crossover fanfic by DZ2.

When Lily was pregnant with Harry, she knew he'd grow up to be someone special in the world of the mystic ones. But why wouldn't he? His Father's the Sorcerer Supreme!

The fanfic is soon followed up by Scion of Sorcery: The Age of Agamotto. Not to be confused with Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, the alternate title to Sorcerer Stabber Orphen.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Blood Brothers: Even at infancy, Harry considered Neville this due to their ties to prophecy and the fact that Sirius took Neville in after his parent's death and is also Harry's god-father.
  • Category Traitor: Due to Harry's lack of respect for Hogwarts custom (especially the housing system), Harry prefers sitting with Neville at the Gryffindor table despite being a Slytherin student. At first this got animosity from both houses, including the staff and prefects. However, due to Harry's charm and willingness to rile up his House's own Head (Snape), he gains the respect of a sizable portion of Gryffindors, most notably the Weasley Clan sans Percy.
  • Cultural Translation: Having been raised by American parents, Harry usually refers to non-magical people as "no-maj" instead of "muggle."
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  • Culture Justifies Anything: Justified for Harry, as he refuses to conform his magical skills and practices to that of Hogwarts curriculum (like using a wand instead of just his will) or conform to Hogwarts’ arbitrary rules and traditions. This would technically be an aversion to the trope in the case of Hogwarts, as Harry has zero respect for Magical Britain's "Dark Age" way of going about everything.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Whenever Harry is referred to as "Harry Potter", he is quick to correct them, preferring the name "Harry Strange." He doesn't do this out of spite or anything, he just prefers to look forward and appreciate the parents that he has that aren't dead.
  • Familiar: Mana, Harry's telepathic familiar, pet thunderbird and emissary of the Spirit of Magic herself.
  • The Gadfly: Harry has made it his mission to shake up the status quo of Hogwarts and bring it into the 21st century, whether the other students or staff want him to or not.
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  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Downplayed. Stephen Strange and the Mystics of Kamar-Taj are considered "Dark Wizards" and criminals under the Ministry of Magic's definition of such, and thus are feared by Magical Britain. Everywhere else though, Stephen Strange is considered a hero by No-Maj Society and is an ally to Magical Congress.
  • Muggle Foster Parents: Christine, Harry's No-Maj foster mother.
  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Hogwarts and Magical Britain’s magic in general is seen as primitive and regressive in comparison to the Masters of the Mystic Arts' teachings. Harry is especially critical of the housing system, making a point that it serves little purpose than to drum up arbitrary tribalism among the students and staff.
  • Power at a Price: When Harry was looking for his relic, he happens upon a box. He was unable to read the label given its archaic language and opens it. He wakes up shortly after, his eyes having become hypersensitive to everything. It turns out the relic was "the Eyes of Horus", a power created by the Sorcerer Horus that allows one to actually see magic and emotions at the cost of this over-sensitivity. After many months of training, Harry eventually mastered this power.
  • Tangled Family Tree: When James and Lily got into a fight, Lily wound up in a one-night stand with Stephen Strange. James and Lily got back together and they had Harry, James accepting him as his own son and even going through an adoption ritual, making Harry James’s heir magically as far as anybody is concerned. Because of all of this, Harry has both the legals rights, magical power and perks of Houses Potter, Evans and Strange as their heir.


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