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Fan Fic / Memories Stronger Than Gods

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"The kiss he gave me… was full of hatred, rage, and love for someone else…"

Memories Stronger Than Gods is a Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfiction written by Lolita Rafane.

The fic opens with Spain and Romano getting into a fight, which causes a series of events into which Spain loses his memories. Now, Romano tries to get Spain back, but it seems he has fallen in love with someone else.

Memories Stronger Than Gods contains examples of:


  • Declaration of Protection - France declares he will protect Romano
  • Hidden Heart of Gold - Romano may come off as rude and fiery on the outside, but when the children from his charity work have to go home to their abusive parents, Romano offered to let them stay the night at his hotel.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy - Romano is sorta this after realizing that Spain seems happy with Italy.
  • Worka Holic - Romano becomes this after all his failed attempts to win back Spain, he realizes Spain is deeply infatuated with Italy.

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