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Fanfic / Fate/Red Chalice

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You linked the Holy Grail to the Golden Throne?


My my. You rigged the system.

I rigged the system.

You are an awful person. I respect that.

Centuries ago, on a field in a piece of land called Fuyuki, mages gather to perform a Ritual to reveal Akasha and regain the Third Magic. Witnessing the Ritual and the Founders of what will become the Holy Grail War are two men. One is Zelretch the Kaleidoscope, the greatest of mages. The other is a tanned hooded stranger... a man who one day will become the God-Emperor of Mankind. A man who has quietly altered the Ritual for his own ends, in order harness the wish-granting power of the Holy Grail to save billions, and to purify the Grail by summoning Servants from the Golden Throne - Saints and holy figures and Space Marines.


Fast forward to the present day. Emiya Shirou has not been having a good day. And then to make matters worse, an armored giant in brass armor with a gigantic lance is intent on killing him. Thrown into his shed, about to be slain, salvation arrives in the form of his Servant:

Standing between Shriou and the door is a crimson titan, a red cape billowing behind him in the pale moonlight. Clad in the same bulky armor as the brass man, but more… regal. Composed and dignified.


He looks back, and Shirou finds a knightly helmet staring down at him.

"In fealty to the Emperor of Man, I lend my sword to you." He speaks, and his voice is a strong, commanding baritone, powerful and breathtaking with every syllable. Shirou feels insignificant, before the charisma of such a man. "I ask, child: Are you my Master?"

So begins Emiya Shirou's journey into this Holy Grail War. Seven Servants. Seven Masters. One Wish. One War. But things change when the Angels of Death are in play. The future is unclear, the path is not certain, but one thing is clear: The Emperor Protects.

Written by Swordomatic, Fate/Red Chalice is a crossover between Fate/stay night and Warhammer40000 note , hosted here on Sufficient Velocity (with discussion).


Rejoice, Readers, for this fic includes examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: The story is one big AU to F/SN. It also turns out to be an alternate universe stemming from a Bad End to the War for Baal arc of Swordomatic's Glory Or Death quest.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • In Chapter 1, Lancer quickly deduces that Archer is, well, Archer, despite wielding two swords.
    "So your Servant is a Saber? He doesn't have the bearing of one. Perhaps his summoning was incomplete? Or," he snorts, "That is actually an Archer... You are too composed for a Berzerker, too incompetent for a Caster, lacking in a mount, and I am already Lancer."
    • Saber likewise engages in this to quickly deduce Lancer's identity. He then mocks Lancer for taking fifteen seconds to notice the Alatus Cadere on his breastplate and deduce that he is a Blood Angel, and only that.
    "There are many Blood Angels Blademasters in the long history of the IX Legion, during the Great Crusade and after the Scouring. Each of them is more handsome than the last." Saber smirks at his own joke, and then looks at Lancer significantly through his visor. "You know not which of them I am. However, there are few Angels of Death, Clad in Brass and Painted in Blood, who would walk the stars splitting the flesh of his kin and his foes, sometimes in the same battle. In the long history of the Imperium, there have only been a few.
    "And only one of them used a Spear, Minotaur."
  • Badass Boast: Lancer and Saber toss both of these at each other in their first engagement.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A fair number try to get in on this, but the masters of snark are Archer and Saber, though Kiristugu and Kotomine have their moments.
  • For Want of a Nail: The fact that the Holy Grail summons Servants from the Golden Throne has thrown a wrench into a great many things:
    • Kiritsugu actually had a relatively more pleasant experience as a master in the 4th Grail War, given that Saber was a Space Marine Chapter Master, and was actually even more pragmatic than he was.
    • Kotomine Kirei, on account of summoning Saint Sabbat as Assassin, actually found the meaning he was looking for, and is now a priest of the God-Emperor of Mankind, having dedicated his life to being the God-Emperor's instrument.
    • As a result of Kiritsugu still being alive, Shirou's ideals have been challenged and tempered so much that while he still wants to be a Hero of Justice, he's decided that he's going to do so by studying hard, getting into Tokyo U, and becoming a lawyer.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Averted: every Space Marine who has a helmet is wearing one. Even during Saber's Shirtless Scene, he's still wearing his helmet.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Some things just don't change: even though Shirou is not mortally wounded and Rin never heals him with the jewel she used as her summoning catalyst, she still summons Counter Guardian EMIYA as her Servant.
  • Troll: Saber and Archer immediately bond over their shared assholery and delight greatly in teasing Rin and mocking Shirou.
  • Wham Line: "Rejoice, Emiya Kiritsugu. The corruption of the Grail is no longer a problem." And then the reveal that Kotomine Kirei is now a priest of the Imperial Faith.