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Fanfic / Deathkit's Omen

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To be completely fair, neither of the protagonists have the appearance of this cat.

Deathkit's Omen is a Warrior Cats fanfiction, written by Fanfiction Dot Net user UnderdogFan1254.

Hence the fanfic's name, it's mostly centered around Deathpaw. This fanfic is quite short, and was likely discontinued. It was first published on March 7, 2019.

It is likely a trollfic, due to the odd appearances of some of the cats, the somewhat-obvious prophecy, and Deathpaw coughing up black water.

We begin with the typical "kits become apprentices", and then we get into a training session with cats from both GlareClan and ClowderClan, where Kitpaw straight up attacks Deathpaw, his own brother.

Some other add-ons include that Kitpaw and Deathpaw are the grandchildren of the leader. They are also aware of a prophecy.


This fanfic contains examples of...