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Fan Fic / They're Not Pussywillow Pixies

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They're not Pussywillow Pixies is a crossover fanfiction by Benny The Crazed Cartoonist. It is a crossover between Disney Fairies and Smurfs. It's currently in progress and so far has six chapters.

The premise is that the Smurfs have been whisked into the portal once more, but this time, they've not been sent to New York. They're actually in a place called Neverland, and they've still got Gargamel hot on their heels. They meet the Fairies of Neverland, who decide to take them in for the time being, and the story deals with how they adjust and try to get back to their home.


Since it's only six chapters in, it hasn't gone too far plot-wise, so most of the chapter's have been more about the characters and their growing relationships. The Disney Fairies portion is a mix of the books and the movies, and the Smurfs portion is a mix of the cartoon and the movies. There is a slight bit of romance, but at most it's rather light Smurf/Fairy.

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