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Resident Project is a Project Tatterdemalion/Resident Evil 2 fanfic written by Kryal. Although technically the fifth installation in the Project Tatterdemalion series (and confirmed by Vathara as part of the canon), it does not require knowledge of the previous installations to understand (though such knowledge will mean you get a lot more of the background references).

General Yamamoto had very good reasons for not sending the Madsen Hollow virus out for independent analysis. But what if it got out anyway? What if it fell into the hands of someone who thought they could make use of it?


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Attack Backfire: William Birkin. Every time something hurts him badly enough, he regenerates into a larger and more dangerous form.
  • Badass Adorable: Sherry is a ten-year-old girl (who looks younger than she is because growing tentacles costs biomass from elsewhere) in pink shoes and floofy socks. She's also a shinigami.
  • *Drool* Hello: How the first Licker announces its presence.
  • Emergency Transformation: When she learns that the T-virus is loose, Annette injects herself and her daughter with the shinigami vaccine. She becomes a yuurei, while Sherry becomes a full shinigami.
  • The Immune: Due to a rare (and possibly unique) psychic talent, Leon is immune to all variants of the Madsen's Hollow virus, including the T-virus and the Shinigami vaccines.
  • Just Think of the Potential: Annette's justification for experimenting with a virus that transforms those it infects into nigh-unkillable mutant rage monsters. She even uses the trope phrase.
    Claire: Potential for man-eating monsters? That are nearly unkillable because they heal from just about anything?
    Annette: Yes. Think about what you just said! The Hollows have uncanny healing abilities. The Urahara vaccine proved that the facility for healing is not irrevocably tied to the more damaging aspects of the virus. Despite the name, the Panimmunity treatment doesn’t answer everything. We’ve always been on the edge, chasing one half-step behind the latest disease that new planets or terrorists with a grudge have to throw at us. If we can find out how Hollow healing works, and incorporate it… It wouldn’t be just diseases, either! Parasites, physical trauma… we could turn Panimmunity into a true panacea!
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  • Kick the Dog: The Umbrella Corp researchers choosing to use humans as test subjects, when it's established canon that Madsen's Hollow and its variants will affect any Earth-descended mammal.
  • Only Sane Man: A large part of Leon's value to the shinigami community long-run. Thanks to his status as The Immune, he is the one person who can safely come and go from Seireitei and who Yamamoto can be completely certain is not being mentally affected by the shinigami vaccine, thus giving Yamamoto someone who can call him out on what’s logical paranoia, and what’s an overreaction.
  • Power Incontinence: The basic reason why the psychic talent that gives Leon his immunity to the virus can't be duplicated by Quincies. First, what Leon's talent does subconsciously, a Quincy would need to do consciously. Second, even the weakest Quincy has far more power at their disposal than Leon, meaning that the collateral damage would be atrocious.
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  • Shapeshifter Mash Up: William Birkin's fate. The particular variant of the virus he injected himself with grants a powerful Healing Factor, but it lacks the mechanisms to control the regeneration. Every time he gets badly hurt, he regenerates into a larger and more mutated form.
  • Zombie Infectee: Inverted twice over with Leon. He doesn't try to hide his bite at all, only refraining from suicide because he knows the transformation takes long enough to let him shoot himself at the last minute and because the other survivors need his help in the meantime. And then it turns out that he is the one person in a trillion who is immune to the zombie virus.

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