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Fan Fic / Mega Man At McDonalds

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Even Elec Man is facepalming.

"Mega Man, you owe me $44,632.82! What did you spend it on anyhow?"
A nameless character's (possibly Dr. Light) question to Mega Man. Also the first line in the story.

Mega Man At McDonalds is a Mega Man fanfic in the same way My Immortal is a Harry Potter fanfic.

Mega Man owes Dr. Light (presumably, because the author neglected to state whom he was talking to) $44,632.82 from buying diapers, so he gets a job at McDonald's. Mega Man is completely incompetent (he even says he is retarded), and later on, he gets slashed by a "tyrant from Resident Evil", and is beaten up by a generic bully. Everyone is out of character (especially Mega Man). The plot is weak, there are typos, and there are also several failed attempts at humor. There is also a blatant inconsistency; In Chapter 2, Mega Man shoots Johnny Sasaki, which means he is not bound by the Three Laws of Robotics, but in Chapter 3, he self-cites the First Law as the reason why he can't harm "Some The Bully".


The description of the story once read "My first fanfiction. Uploaded for nostalgia."It seemed to be a dead fic, with the last chapter being chapter 4. It also seemed that was possibly a serious attempt at a comedy fic by the author.However, chapter 5 was released around a year and a half later, with this author's note at the beginning:

"For over a year now, people have been asking me to update this fanfic.


Okay! Prepare to be happy you demanded another chapter!"

Now the description read reads "Mega Man may works at McDonalds, but can he defeat McDonalds Man?" thus implying that the story is now a troll fic. This theory is further supported by how much more vulgar the newer chapters have become.

Here is a Dramatic Reading of it on YouTube:

The story has been deleted.


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