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Fan Fic / Dimensional Heroes

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The Dimensional Heroes series is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fanfic series based in what the authors refer to as the "Color-Verse". The series revolves around a group known as the Hero Alliance, a group made up of canon and original characters which is made up of five teams: The Dimensional Heroes (the flagship team, led by Jexi the Hunter), The Shining Hope Squadron (led by Hope the Victor), The Brave Adventures (led by David Ishihara), Spirit Force (led by Ace Neptune), and Team Chronicle (led by Mark Anarchy). The series is set up into different sagas, with the Alliance taking part in the events of various anime and video games while dealing with threats to the Color-Verse.


The Dimensional Heroes series contains examples of:

Loads and Loads of Characters: It wouldn't be a crossover series without this, but this series turns this trope up too many notches to count. And with each new story, the roster keeps growing.

Up To Eleven: A lot of things, but mainly the character rosters, being from a whole bunch of different franchises and all.


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