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The Dimensional Heroes series is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fanfic series based in what the authors refer to as the "Color-Verse". The series revolves around a group known as the Hero Alliance, a group made up of canon and original characters which is made up of five teams: The Dimensional Heroes (the flagship team, led by Jexi the Hunter), The Shining Hope Squadron (led by Hope the Victor), The Brave Adventures (led by David Ishihara), Spirit Force (led by Ace Neptune), and Team Chronicle (led by Mark Anarchy). The series is set up into different sagas, with the Alliance taking part in the events of various anime and video games while dealing with threats to the Color-Verse.


The Dimensional Heroes series contains examples of:

Acceptable Breaks from Canon: This happens quite often, mostly using Retroactive Discontinuity, as the presence of the heroes bend the canon storyline in different ways, resulting in different endings to key points in the world's history. In fact, it even has a unique variant of the Canon Mixing category of the trope: Another world's canon events occurring on the same setting as one of the worlds, even spanning across multiple worlds.

Adaptational Badass: Many canon characters in the series have managed to gain powers they did not have access to in their own series. A few notable examples include:

  • Dan Kuso: Once a Bakugan Brawler master, by the end of the first series, he's also the Pokémon Kanto Champion, has moderate success in Buddyfighting, and can also fight himself with his Dragon Blade.

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  • MLP Characters: Both the original Mane 6 and their human counterparts have been members of the team, with the Human Mane 6 in particular having a much more noticeable boost. Meanwhile, several students of Crystal Prep Acedemy have also joined the team and obtained abilities allowing them to fight. Even more of a shock, after their defeat in the Seven Great Demon Lords Saga, two of the Dazzlings (Aria and Sonata) join the team at the beginning of the Ginova Family Saga, obtaining ways to make up for their lost magic.

  • Danganronpa Characters: The Ultimates of both the 77th class of Hope's Peak Academy and the contestants of the 53rd Danganronpa game have joined the team, several of them obtaining abilities known as "Laws", which are related to their talents. Meanwhile, Hajime Hinata has become a member of the Wanderers.

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  • Elma from Trillion: God of Destruction, manages to retain her powers as Overlord of Gloom. Not only that, but thanks to a epiphany from a simulated Rias Gremory in UF: Inherited Wills, she becomes a Martial Pacifist, with a whole new arsenal of magic spells.

Back from the Dead: Theseus/Theo manages to make a return in the second chapter of Dimensional Heroes: Into Infernity, where he returns to save his guild, the Mytho Hearts, from the attack of the Universal Villains. Surprisingly, he also got a power up thanks to a skill known as the Cosmos's Gift, which grants one immense power, once they return from death.

Corrupt Corporate Executive: Theodore Flux, head scientist of the All Science Go Corporation is this, with prominent shades of Mad Scientist and Card-Carrying Villain.

Defeat Means Friendship: A running theme with several teams in this series is that some members are fought at least once as enemies before they officially join.

Despair Event Horizon: Partially averted by Richard, by the fact that he did recover, although its effect remain within him. The events that occurred in his past had changed him drastically, by Gus's own account, that his emotions are far more repressed, and much more volatile when he loses control over them. Not only that, but it contributed to him turning into a Pragmatic Hero (see below)

Died in Your Arms Tonight: Theseus/Theo dies this way in the arms of Ace Neptune, his 'heart' being stolen by Xehanort in DH: Kingdom Hearts III.

Disappears into Light: When Theo died, he turned into fragments of lights that scattered to the winds

Draco in Leather Pants: Some of the more sympathetic and humane villains, or ones with justifiable motivations and goals, and anti-villains may get this trope from time to time, preventing them from being killed as canon dictates, or even causing them to make a Heel-Face Turn.

Heroic Sacrifice: Like his canonical counterpart, Pedro the Mink from One Piece sacrificed himself to break the effects of the Pero-Pero Fruit from Ace, Chopper and Petra, by taking out the user, Perospero Charlotte, in Spirit Force Brotherhood: Mega Man X Command Mission

Loads and Loads of Characters: It wouldn't be a crossover series without this, but this series turns this trope up too many notches to count. And with each new story, the roster keeps growing.

Pay Evil unto Evil: The drive for most of Richard's actions towards the villains in Unmei Force: Vengeance.

Spared by the Adaptation: This has happened many times across all series, even though it is only a few out of the many. Sometimes, when done to a villain, this results in a Heel-Face Turn

Story Arc: The series is known to have several different arcs, each with their own set of villains that the heroes must face off against. Here is a list of arcs that have been done in the series, in order of appearance.

  • Flux Saga: The first saga, details the founding of both the Dimensional Heroes and the Universal Villains.

  • Mega Stone Saga: Dimensional Heroes battle the Pokémon Kingdoms and race to gather the Mega Stones before Flux and his Universal Villains.

  • Seven Great Demon Lords Saga: Dimensional Heroes battle the Seven Great Demon Lords in order to stop the return of Ogudomon. Introduces Hope the Victor to the series.

  • Nebula Saga: The Dimensional Heroes battle the robotic Nebula, led by Shade Man EXE.

  • Kaima Saga

  • Kingdom Hearts Saga

  • Furious Universe Saga

  • Universal Core Saga

  • Time Crisis Saga

  • Ginova Family Saga

  • Promotion Trial Saga

  • Elements Saga

  • Hobbyist Saga

  • Olympus XII Saga

  • Dark Kingdom Saga

  • Perfect Link Tournament Saga

  • Youseiken Hunt Saga

  • Demon Kingdom Saga

  • God Challengers Saga

Up to Eleven: A lot of things, but mainly the character rosters, being from a whole bunch of different franchises and all.


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