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  • Alfred, Nedrick, and Zetsu, also known as the original Geek Alliance, are all widely liked due to their kind personalities, their many moments of referencing nerd-media, their surprisingly adorkable personalities, and their relatability. The latter two also get several points for their popular relationships with their girlfriends.
  • Bari is seen as absolutely adorable and incredibly likable due to his status as a friendly outcast who just wants some kind of companionship, his Undying Loyalty bearing a striking resemblance to that of a real dog, and the fact he probably had one of the most saddening eliminations to date in FMTDA.
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  • Chad's status as a jock with a tiny bit of an ego but a heart of gold quickly made him one of the most popular characters. The fact he's easily one of the nicest characters on the show, that he is incredibly respectful, and just a pure personification of fun in general has only further endeared him to readers.
  • Cynthia is probably among the most relatable and complex characters on the show overall. The fact that she's both the Big Bad and The Protagonist in one have made her only more interesting, and her overall development across the series despite facing so many obstacles in her way have also given her a fanbase who admires her quite a bit for her overall endurance and strength.
  • Doc is seen as possibly the funniest character on the show, with his attempts at trying to start controversy, his complete lack of any kind of morality in terms of trolling others, his surprising skills in many different things, and more only making him better. It helps that he has also had many Pet the Dog moments with his girlfriend, Mimi, who's popular herself in her own right.
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  • Droog is by far the most popular newbie of FMTDA, due to his interesting personality, his mastery of strategy, and his surprisingly fun to read interactions with the rest of the cast. The fact he's able to pull this off while also being one of the biggest jerkasses in the entire series makes this an even more impressive feat overall.
  • Juvia's cute personality and nice interactions with most of the cast, including resident jerkass, Sage, made her a quick fan-favorite despite her lack of focus.
  • Nazira became a quick fan favorite due to her protective personality for those who can't defend themselves and her surprisingly amazing accent that seemingly nobody can figure out the origins of. Overtime, she became even more popular due to her interactions with Cynthia and Nedrick, her sympathetic backstory, and her personality growing more and more overtime from an Anti-Hero to a true protagonist-like figure.
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  • Quincy similarly became a quick fan favorite due to his childlike innocence, his likable personality, a need to help others, and his natural connection to nature. Despite this popularity, or a possible contributor to it, he wasn't that focused on during the series.
  • Tempest is bar-none the most popular character of the entire series, due to her insane personality bringing a lot of laughs, her odd perspective on the world giving some interesting hindsight, her incredible strength and endurance bringing about some of the best fight scenes in the series, and her relationship with Zetsu easily being one of the highlights of the entire series! She's become popular enough now to be recognized by people who haven't even read the story.
  • Gein is also notably popular despite having only a handful of appearances in the series, with his introduction during the merge of FMTDI actually being seen as one of the best written scenes in the season and his plotline with Gareth being an interesting twist on Black and White Morality.

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