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Dropped A Bridge On Him / Theatre

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  • William Shakespeare's Henry V does this to almost all of the low-life characters from the ''Henry IV'' plays:
    • The first scene featuring the characters takes place immediately after the pathetic offstage death from natural causes of Falstaff, which is described in depth. (This may have been connected to Will Kempe, the comic actor believed to have played the character, quitting the Lord Chamberlain's Men in unknown circumstances.)
    • Bardolph is hanged for robbing a church in Harfleur, with Henry rejecting his attempt to plead for mercy on the grounds of their old friendship.
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    • Nym is also stated to have been hanged for theft some time between Honfleur and Agincourt.
    • Falstaff's page is by implication killed by the French along with the other boys guarding the baggage train. Some productions show this on stage.
    • When Pistol returns to London, he discovers that Mistress Quickly has died while he was away, leaving him the Sole Survivor (apart from Poins, who does not appear or get a mention in the play).
  • In many productions of Elisabeth, Sophie disappears after "Bellaria". A throwaway line in the next song reveals she died offstage.
    • Averted in the Hungarian versions, which show Death coming for Sophie.
  • Another Shakespearian example - in Romeo and Juliet, Montague says that Lady Montague died of grief due to Romeo's exile in the final scene.