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Dropped A Bridge On Him / Theatre

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  • William Shakespeare's Henry V does this to almost all of the low-life characters from the ''Henry IV'' plays:
    • The first scene featuring the characters takes place immediately after the pathetic offstage death from natural causes of Falstaff, which is described in depth.
    • Bardolph is hanged for robbing a church in Harfleur, with Henry rejecting his attempt to plead for mercy on the grounds of their old friendship.
    • Nym is also stated to have been hanged for theft some time between Honfleur and Agincourt.
    • Falstaff's page is by implication killed by the French along with the other boys guarding the baggage train. Some productions show this on stage.
    • When Pistol returns to London, he discovers that Mistress Quickly has died while he was away, leaving him the Sole Survivor (apart from Poins, who does not appear or get a mention in the play).
  • In many productions of Elisabeth, Sophie disappears after "Bellaria". A throwaway line in the next song reveals she died offstage.
    • Averted in the Hungarian versions, which show Death coming for Sophie.
  • Another Shakespearian example- in Romeo and Juliet, Montague says that Lady Montague died of grief due to Romeo's exile in the final scene.