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Drinking Game / The Tribe

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A drinking game for The Tribe. Take a drink...

  • ...Every time someone falls in love/flirts with Bray.
    • Two if the girl tries to seduce him.
  • ...Every time someone who everyone thought was dead turns out to actually be alive. (Full bottle if this happens during a season finale.) If multiple people are revealed to be alive, take a shot for each of them.
  • ...Every time someone says "Power and Chaos!" take a shot.
    • Two shots if this occurs after Zoot's death.
  • ....Whenever Ebony betrays someone.
  • ...When someone switches sides.
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  • ...When someone gives birth.
  • ...Every time someone uses ridiculous slang.
  • ...Sex is implied.
  • ...Whenever someone is worshiped, prayed to, or otherwise referenced as a god.
    • Full bottle if this person is one of the protagonists. (Zoot does not count.)
  • ...A plotline is abandoned with no resolution. Full bottle if it's in a season finale.
  • ...Someone goes completely batshit insane.
  • ...Someone rationalizes their actions by saying; "I did it to survive!" or a similar sentence.
  • ...There is a flashback to that scene with Ebony and Zoot riding in the police car.
  • ...It occurs to you how disturbing it is that these characters are not legal.
  • ...Someone talks about the world pre-Virus.
  • ...It occurs to you how lazy the censors were.
    • Full bottle if you do so because of a scene where someone is raped or threatened with rape.
  • ...Someone whines about having to do work.
  • ...Someone tries to initiate another person into a cult.
  • ...There is a Special Effects Failure.
    • Two shots if said special effects scare/impress you anyway.
  • ...Every time Trudy whines.

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