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  • So who cleaned up all the corpses? Did the virus dissolve all the adults?
    • The show starts months after the virus hit; Trudy got pregnant around that time, and her giving birth is one of the first events in Season 1. Any corpses would've long decomposed by now. Even if they didn't, it's mentioned that the city's nearby graveyard is "full of bodies", implying that kids dragged their parents' corpses over there (or burned them, if they subscribed to the Locos' 'abandon the past' ideology).
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    • Bodies take way longer than a few months to decompose, and a skeleton can exist for centuries. We do see one skeleton on that island research station though. Logically there should be way more in obscure places like that. There must have been a highly irregular cleanup initiative that someone organized to clear the place, maybe in the first few weeks when food was plentiful and no one was worried about their day to day survival.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield??: "The city" is apparently in a perpetually warm environment with lots of lush forests and countryside, and farmland, very hilly, and local slang indicates UK, New Zealand, or Australia. But some of the slang is more generic or nineties-retro futuristic ("waste" instead of kill, although that's probably because the show is for kids) and Word of God is that the actors endured an "American accent training" regime and it shows, especially with the older actors whose speech is a strange hybrid of New Zealand and Mid-Atlantic. The police car is painted white and blue like a typical American police care, the city is never named. The government however has a "President" and the old video showing him implies he is American. National flags are never shown. When money shows up, it's British currency. It's clear the show was meant to take place in a generic Anglophone country and New Zealand is the most likely culprit considering it was made there, but the local place names (like Eagle Mountain) and landmarks are meant to sound generically North American.

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