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Drinking Game / Oobi

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Warning: Don't take this game seriously or you'll die from alcohol poisoning.
A drinking game for Oobi.
  • Take 5 drinks when someone breaks the fourth wall, asking to imitate what they're doing.
  • When Grampu says "lovely," drink.
    • Down a whole bottle if someone else says it (this usually happens if they're imitating him).
  • Whenever Uma mentions chickens, drink.
  • Drink whenever one of the puppets actually acts like a hand (clapping, turning a doorknob, and so on).
  • Whenever a shadow puppet animal (eagle, fish, etc.) appears, take a big drink.
  • Whenever Uma shows signs of her Precocious Crush on Kako, finish your drink.
    • Have fun with "Neighborhood!"—she kisses him at least three times.
  • Take a drink whenever something unlucky happens to Grampu.
  • Whenever Oobi gives an Aside Glance to the camera, take a drink.
    • Doesn't count if he's talking to or addressing the viewer.
  • If Noel MacNeal plays a character other than Kako, take a drink.
    • Finish your drink if you're watching "Dance Class!", where he plays the Feminine Man dance teacher Tulla.
  • If Kako uses a Spanish phrase other than "perfecto," finish your drink.
  • If Inka shows up, take a drink.
  • Drink every time you notice a reference to Sesame Street.
    • Not counting the Little Airplane outro, which appears after the credits of every episode and features a scene from this Sesame Street sketch.
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  • Whenever a hand puppet shows up with painted or colored fingernails, take a drink.
  • Drink whenever you finish an episode without laughing at how ridiculous and absurd the show can get.
    • Don't watch "Oobi's Car!" if you don't want to get cirrhosis.
  • When one of the hand puppets gives a thumbs-up, take a sip.
  • Finish your drink anytime a character other than one of the kids speaks in third person.


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