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Live-Action TV

  • From 2007-08, Oobi was featured regularly on The Soup during the "What the Kids Are Watching" segment. Each week, the host Joel McHale would show a strange clip from a kids' show and provide sarcastic commentary on it. Since Oobi is known for looking bizarre in and out of context, it was one of the most frequently featured programs. Some notable clips/moments were:
    • The scene from "Showtime!" where Oobi and Kako's mouths are glued together. Naturally, McHale likened them to gay lovers kissing and even compared it to an orgy. A short clip from the segment can be watched here.
    • The scene from "Uma Bathroom!" where Uma is Covered in Mud and sitting on the toilet. Covered in's not very difficult to figure out what comparisons were drawn when this was featured.
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    • Let's not forget this gem of a quote from Joel: "You know what they say: 'Big hands, fucking weird TV show.'"
  • In 2016, it was announced that Disney Channel had greenlit a pilot inspired by Oobi titled "Right Hand Guy." The pilot takes a different approach to the talking hand concept (it's about a kid whose hand becomes a sentient puppet) but still sounds promising.

Music Videos

  • The music video for Nate Ruess's "Dog Problems" was also inspired by Oobi and stars an Oobi caricature of Ruess. The lyrics tell the heart-wrenching story of a real-life breakup between Nate and his former girlfriend. The fantastic use of Oobi puppets and a series of increasingly intricate parodies (the finale being an Oobi version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody") make this poignant video a must-watch.

Puppet Shows

  • As mentioned on the main article, El Compayito was named after Oobi when he first appeared on Televisa.
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  • Lejo, a series of wordless musical skits on Sesamstraat featuring the same type of hand puppets, was advertised as the Dutch equivalent to Oobi. It is actually quite unique and worth watching separately.

Web Comics

  • This Square Root of Minus Garfield strip, titled "Garfield Plus Oobi," features Jon annoying Garfield with a furry puppet named Hondo. Garfield shreds the puppet and Oobi is underneath it on Jon's hand.
    • A sequel to the comic was made less than a year later, titled "Double Shred." It's the same comic but with Garfield shredding both Hondo and Jon's Oobi eyes.

Web Original


Western Animation

  • The Fanboy and Chum Chum episode "GameBoy" has Fanboy making a hand puppet that looks suspiciously like Oobi.

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