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  • The Cast Showoff: Surprisingly, Kevin Clash—known for performing Elmo's vexatious falsetto voice for nearly 30 years—shows off his fantastic singing skills as the suave, deep-voiced Randy in "Babysitter!"
  • Creator's Pet: Uma seems to have gotten this treatment throughout the second season.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Promotional materials for the first season identified the characters as furless Muppets. In an interview with Josh Selig during production of the second season, he mentioned that Oobi "is kind of his own species." Whether or not he meant a species of Muppets is unclear, so it's debatable whether or not this is a flip-flop.
  • Follow the Leader: One could say Lejo followed the lead of Oobi, but as described in the lead of this article, they're too closely related to be this.
    • El Compayito, given a more in-depth description below under Name's the Same, would also technically count, but Oobi served as its inspiration.
  • Missing Episode: The two-minute shorts have never gotten an official release, and many of them aren't available online. The "complete series" collection on Amazon Video only has the half-hour episodes.
  • Name's the Same:
    • El Compayito, a hand puppet who showed up from time to time on Televisa in the mid-2000s, was named after the American Oobi when he first debuted. He was later renamed when Televisa wanted to continue using the character.
    • In an unintentional example, "Oobi" was also the name of a failed Parker Brothers toy from the 1970s. It was a red/orange message carrier that looked like an ovaloid with a big pair of eyes on the front. Like TV's Oobi, it was named for its googly eyes (the O's are meant to mirror the two circular eyes).
  • Screwed by the Network: After the second season of Oobi wrapped in February 2005, most parents expected new episodes to return in the fall—just like what happened after the first season finished in early 2004. The next year came and went with no word on a third season renewal. In 2007, Noggin pulled the plug on nearly every one of its Muppet-related programs by ending its relationship with Sesame Workshop. The Oobi shorts—which the Workshop had co-produced—were no longer aired and programs like Play With Me Sesame switched channels. An official statement from Nick was never given, but it would appear that they no longer have broadcasting rights for the shorts. This effectively eliminated any chance of Oobi being renewed, although reruns of full-length episodes remained for a few years.
    • This isn't that bad when you consider how Oobi: Dasdasi continued the show's legacy in 2012.
  • Short Run in Peru: A few episodes of the second season aired in Canada before they were shown in the United States. Most international channels also aired the episodes in order, unlike in America; there, the finale ("Superheroes!") aired as if it were a standard episode and "Valentine!" was the last episode to premiere.
  • Shrug of God: The creators have never revealed why Oobi and Uma live alone with their grandfather.
  • Talking to Herself: Stephanie D'Abruzzo plays both Uma and Inka, so the crew had to find creative ways to fit them both in the same scenes without having her actually play both characters. For example, one episode has Inka call Grampu from off screen outside while Uma and Grampu are inside. Another has Oobi and Uma find a Valentine's Day card that Inka delivered to Grampu, but Inka is never seen. Possibly the most obvious example is in the "Recital!" episode, which heavily features Inka. Uma is said to be "visiting Aunt Oota's" for the entirety of the story.
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  • What Could Have Been: According to this interview, the show was first pitched to Noggin under the working title Pipo.
  • The Wiki Rule: There are two surprisingly well-tended ones: a wiki for the show itself and a wiki dedicated to fan-made works featuring Oobi-eyes puppets.
  • Word of God: Promotional materials identify the characters as "furless" Muppets.

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