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Drinking Game / Kimagure Orange Road

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  • Take a shot for every Glomp by Hikaru.
    • Take 2 if Hikaru attempts a glomp and misses.
  • Take a sip whenever Hikaru says "Dah-ling!"
  • Take a shot whenever Umao says Ushiko's name.
  • Take a shot whenever Kyosuke has an Inner Monologue
  • Take a shot whenever Ushiko says Umao's name.
  • Take a shot when Madoka shows the audience one of her many, many abilities (for the first time). (By the way: Madoka is able to survive this drinking game. That's a drink.)
  • Take a shot whenever a member of Kyosuke's family uses Psychic Powers.
    • Take another shot whenever Jingoro is the victim.

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