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Drinking Game / Heat Guy J

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A man should play responsibly or not at all.

Take a shot when...

  • Clair blows something up
  • Daisuke says, "Yeah, yeah."
  • Kyoko nags Daisuke about his reports
  • The CG shot of the Red Tab is used
  • Daisuke only gets a limited amount of ammo because there's No Budget for more
  • J punches the enemy du jour
  • Boma takes off his holographic mask
  • J says, "A man should/should not ______."
    • Two shots if it's Daisuke spouting off one of those "J-isms."
  • J holds onto his hat
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  • J blows off steam
  • Clair laughs evilly
  • Clair references "fireworks"
  • Or flashes back to his childhood
  • Two shots when Kyoko is seen in her skimpy Spy Catsuit
  • Daisuke's father is referenced
  • The hate for androids held by most of Judoh is referenced
  • There's a Filler episode
  • Finish your drink when Daisuke goes Riding into the Sunset at the end
  • Daisuke's necklace is seen
  • An android other than J appears
  • If your liver is up for it, every clone of J towards the end
  • Whenever J is seen without his "skin."
  • J analyzes something
  • Monica appears. (You are excused for her Very Special Episode.)
  • Finish your drink when Shun gets shot if you actually thought the sniper was Clair.
  • Whenever the underground city is referenced
  • Antonia worries about J and/or Daisuke
  • Clair and Daisuke stare at one another
  • You hear bagpipes
  • Daisuke stops at the ramen stand
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  • Daisuke talks to the three prostitutes
  • Boma pulls out his sword
  • Boma does a Flash Step
  • Boma is seen brooding on a rooftop in front of the moon
  • The Camp Gay maskmaker flirts with him
  • A guest character appears. (If your liver is up to the challenge, do it for each one that reappears in the last episode.)
  • Boma references "Usagi."
    • Two shots if he's holding a stuffed rabbit.
  • Clair produces something from his pocket that isn't a grenade. (Due to rarity, this one is worth two shots.)
  • Kia takes out his guitar.
  • Daisuke leaves Judoh.
  • Kyoko worries about Daisuke.
  • Daisuke visits East Wind.
  • Daisuke flops down on the couch at work.
  • Daisuke and Shun have a fight.
  • Mitchal plays with his lucky dice.
  • You see the Underground Kids playing in the sewer
  • J does his Terminator Vision
  • Daisuke and Edmundo argue.

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