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It is rather nice to see Wolverine's original costume on film.

X-Men Film Series has plenty of scenes that didn't appear in the films.

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  • An extended scene of Rogue, Bobby, John, Jubilee and Kitty in Storm's class.
  • A scene where Bobby drops Rogue off at her room after hanging out.
  • An extended scene of Cyclops teaching his automotive class.
  • A scene between Rogue and Storm.
  • An extended conversation between Wolverine, Jean and Scott. Jean displays more of her powers to Logan, who asks how she puts up with Scott, she mentions how he could punch a hole in a mountain with his power. Once Jean leaves, Logan and Scott have an argument, Scott says that Wolverine takes nothing seriously and then insults his lack of memory. Wolverine says he's just a boy and doesn't know real combat.
  • A scene where Jean and Professor X have a conversation.
  • A scene set in the underground base of the X-Men. Cyclops is putting on his uniform and has a conversation with Wolverine, asking if he'd be able to follow orders, Wolverine tells him to give him one and Cyclops asks him to put on a uniform.
  • A conversation between Cyclops and Professor X about Logan.

    X2: X-Men United 
  • One early scene has Jubilee wandering off at the museum, looking at an exhibit on evolution and suffering a painful spasm, which two elderly people witness.
  • A major one has part of Jason Stryker's headgames, with him pretending to free the Professor, who then frees Cyclops, with the two escaping in a helicopter to the school, utterly confused as to where everyone went. The Professor goes to check on Cerebro, while "Scott" vanishes, his part in the illusion over. This led directly into the scene where the Professor finds Jason's little girl avatar, explaining what he was doing there. It was removed because test audiences didn't get what was going on.
  • There was an extended scene that doesn't appear in the final film, nor as a deleted scene on the DVD that features Cyclops' fight with Yuriko, where he picks up and fights with the two prison guards' plastic nightsticks.
  • A scene on the X-Jet where Jean uses her telekinesis to pilot the jet, but she loses control and Storm snaps her out of it.
  • A scene involving Rogue helping some students escape during Stryker's attack on the mansion.
  • A scene between Bobby, Rogue and John in the woods.
  • Trapped in Jason's illusion Professor X and Cyclops wander an empty mansion looking for students.

    X-Men: The Last Stand 
  • A scene with Jimmy being tested in the laboratory.
  • An alternate meeting between Beast and Wolverine.
  • An extended fight at Jean Grey's house. Logan and Storm work together to knock out Juggernaut.
  • An extended psychic battle between Charles and Jean.
  • An alternate version of Bobby and Kitty skating.
  • At Magneto's camp, Jean transforms a metal cup into an orb of destructive energy that begins harming the other mutants.
  • A scene showing the manufacturing of plastic weapons.
  • Beast phones Trask to try and warn him.
  • Beast recites Henry V before the team heads into battle.
  • An alternate scene with the X-Men board their jet, Wolverine and Bobby have an extended argument, Beast also mentions keeping his old uniform.
  • After Magneto moves the bridge to Alcatraz, Phoenix senses a scared little girl hiding in one of the cars.
  • Magneto tries to get Phoenix to help his soldiers in the battle but she does nothing, saying that Magneto is giving orders like Charles used to do.
  • During the battle Storm creates a massive wave of water, engulfing dozens of enemy mutants, she then electrifies the water knocking them out.
  • A quick scene showing Beast breaking the neck of a mutant.
  • Iceman freezes Phat, solidifying him and Colossus breaks him apart with a single punch.
  • Magneto uses his power to torture Wolverine, before Beast appears to deliver the cure.
  • An extended scene of Phoenix destroying Alcatraz.
  • A scene where Storm, Bobby and Beast welcome new students.
  • An alternate ending with Rogue returning to the school, telling Bobby that she couldn't go through with the cure.
  • An alternate ending with Wolverine, returning to the Canadian bar from the first movie.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine 
  • A deleted scene (which is available on the DVD and Blu-ray) features Logan choosing to have his memory wiped, in order to essentially commit suicide so he didn’t have to face the betrayal from Kayla. However, the scene was not included because Hood could not justify why Logan would allow Stryker to do this to him.
  • An alternate ending featuring Logan in a bar in Japan, the bartender asks if he's drinking to forget and Logan replies he's drinking to remember.
  • Victor is seen getting a call from Stryker. He tells Stryker that he knows where Wolverine and Wraith are going because he had Dukes tell him. He hangs up the phone after and starts moving towards Dukes, implying that he is about to torture and kill him.

    X-Men: First Class 
  • Erik arrives at an Argentinean Airport and sees a mother with her son, Erik is reminded of a moment he had with his mother, before they were taken by the Nazis.
  • Sebastian Shaw on a yacht with Cuban military leaders.
  • While trying to recruit Angel Salvadore, Professor X makes Erik appear dressed as a woman to display his powers.
  • A scene between Charles and Moira, he tries to make things romantic but she shuts him down.
  • An extended scene when Charles makes the soldiers hiding in the truck seem invisible, a dog boards the truck still smelling and seeing them, but Charles says his power is unable to work on animals.
  • Erik makes a soldier stab himself with his power.
  • An extended version of Emma Frost's vision of the future, showing Shaw sitting in the White House.
  • An extended scene of Banshee training, he gives Charles and Moira nausea by screaming at a higher frequency.
  • An extended scene of Banshee trying to fly.
  • An extended scenes of Havok training.
  • An extended scene between Hank and Mystique.
  • Charles and Moira have a drink and kiss.
  • James McAvoy reveals in this interview that he and Michael Fassbender had a fight sequence with a very tall actor, but it was removed from the theatrical release (and it wasn't included as a Deleted Scene on the Blu-Ray) because it was deemed to be too corny.
    McAvoy: There was actually a scene in X-Men: First Class where we come up against somebody so dumb that I can't mind-bend him. We end up having a real deal fight with him, me and Magneto, because there was no metal in the room, either. And we just end up having a fight with this guy who was 7' 6" or something like that, it was hilarious. We kill him by shoving a bear's head over his head. It was weird. [...] we twisted it and broke his neck, and I said something like, "I couldn't bear that man." (laughs) It was a proper sort of ridiculous and fun as hell, but it was obviously silly and we cut it from the film.

    The Wolverine 
  • An alternate ending shows Logan getting his classic outfit shown in the comics.
    X-Men: Days of Future Past 
  • Before going under the mind transference Wolverine gives Storm a passionate kiss.
  • President Nixon orders Trask be arrested and realizes that machines aren't the answer to the mutant problem but mutants themselves.
  • The Free Mutants talk to Logan before the transference.
  • During the scene where the Sentinels attack the president, Logan snaps out of consciousness and attacks Hank.
  • Before going in his bunker Nixon grabs his tape recorder.
  • An alternate ending where it is not Mystique that recovers Wolverine but William Stryker.

  • Ajax (aka Francis) being excorted by boat to the "entrance" of The Raft for release, implying that Ajax has been in prison before the events of the film. This deleted scene may have not been used because of Marvel Studios' use of the prison in Civil War.
  • After stalking Vanessa, Wade is hit by a bus and wakes up in the morgue.

    X-Men: Apocalypse 
  • A scene in Cairo Apocalypse where he kills a man and steals his robe.
  • Alex Summers tries to convince Scott to go to Xavier's School.
  • An extended conversation between Mystique and Beast as they roam the school halls.
  • Scott and Alex say goodbye before he leaves the school with Xavier.
  • An extended scene with Jean Grey using her telekinesis to enhance her archery.
  • After Beast gives Scott his glasses Jubilee approaches them to tell Hank somebody is at the door of the mansion looking for him. Extended conversation between Jean and Scott at the tree.
  • An extended scene with Jubilee giving Kurt a tour of the mansion, they talk about their homes.
  • An extended conversation between Scott and Jean when he tries to convince her to leave the mansion.
  • Scott, Jean, Kurt and Jubilee go to the mall. The four go to the arcade and Jubilee uses her powers to charge an arcade machine allowing Jean and Scott to play for free. The four have Slush Puppie drinks in the food court and Nightcrawler experiences his first brain freeze. Jean, Scott and Jubilee go to a records store and encounter another mutant, Scott also jokes that Jean looks like Boy George. Kurt goes to a shoe store but his unusual feet aren't a match for any of them. The four of them watch a breakdance performance and eventually Kurt joins in.
  • After Magneto's family are killed he holds their dead bodies and recites the lullaby from earlier in the film.
  • An extended scene with Moira in the mansion.
  • Set during the scene where Apocalypse destroys Cairo, Professor X tries to reason with Storm after sensing that she is not like the other horsemen, she's not a killer.
  • A scene set during the battle in Cairo where Jean controls Cyclops' beam by maneuvering his head like a turret.
  • While piloting the jet with Beast, Moira begins to have flashbacks.
  • A brief scene with Erik finding Quicksilver and Mystique hiding behind rubble.
  • During the rebuilding of the X-Mansion, Scott is approached by Beast who has a gift for him, a new visor. Scott is grateful but worries the other kids may now call him "Cyclops".
  • Moira MacTaggert has Stryker arrested, but he warns her mutants should not be trusted.
  • Another scene set during the rebuilding of the X-Mansion between Mystique and Charles, where he asks her to train the students for combat.

  • When Logan, Laura, and Charles are driving they are pulled over by a police officer due to Logan speeding. The officer becomes suspicious thinking that Laura may have been kidnapped due to her seeming inability to speak, however Charles is able to save the situation by stating that Logan was speeding so the trio could get to see Mount Rushmore quicker. Now believing they are just a family on vacation, the police officer leaves, giving Logan a ticket.
  • When Logan, Laura and Charles are with the Munson family, during dinner, Logan is asked if he's married. Logan is unsure how to respond but Charles says yes, but she passed away. Charles thinking of the original timeline (instead of the revised timeline), brings up Jean Grey and the fact that Logan killed her. Seeing the obvious nervous reactions of the Munsons by this comment, Logan tries to say that Charles is confused and quickly rushes the pair out of the room.
  • While Logan is asleep in Eden he is awoken by Bobby playing with Wolverine and Sabretooth action figures. Bobby asks if Sabretooth was a real person since Logan told Laura that most stuff from the comic is all lies. Logan tells the boy that Sabretooth was real and that the pair were in a program similar to the children. He tells Bobby that the pair did Terrible things together, but Bobby says that he's making up for it by helping Laura and the kids, however, Logan says he doesn't know what he's doing and goes back to sleep.
  • An extended version of the field hospital scene would have shown Pierce giving the photograph of the children recovered from the Munson farm to Rice, and explained Pierce had discovered the connection with the X-Men comics. The scene then revealed Rice had at least one of the nurses responsible for the escape in custody. And her family was being held as well.
  • After the Munson Massacre, when Logan grabs Laura to take her away, they spot a heavily burnt Caliban crawling out of the burning wreckage towards them. However, Caliban dies of his wounds and Logan and Laura are forced to leave. James Mangold stated that this scene was cut due to him feeling it robbed the character of a more heroic sacrifice and would make the audience wonder why Logan wouldn't take his body to bury as he did Xavier.
  • During the chase through the forest, there was a scene cut where Jonah, one of the X-23 children uses his puppet master like ability to take control of a Reavers body, instead of keeping him alive as a bodyguard he makes the mercenary shoot himself. This scene was cut due to Mangold not wanting to show too much power in the children because the audience would then wonder why they didn't help Logan fight X-24.

    Deadpool 2 
  • According to Rob Liefeld, the filmmakers had actually shot an entire fight scene between Black Tom and Deadpool on the convoy that ended up being cut for time.

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