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This is a book series written by me and my buddy. It's about four girls growing up in the Biltmore House, in North Carolina. It centers around:

  • Samantha "Sammy" Vanderbilt: The oldest of the Vanderbilt orphans, at age 13. Mischevious, Crazy Awesome, and the fun loving sister.
  • Rosalind Vanderbilt: The second Vanderbilt Orphan, at age 12. She's sensible, intelligent, and reserved, much more than the other siblings.
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  • Elizabeth "Beth" Vanderbilt: The middle Vanderbilt orphan, at age 8. She's... the middle one. She's not as obnoxious and sarcastic as Samantha, or as motherly and intelligent as Rosalind, but is the perfect blend of all of her sisters.
  • Alice Vanderbilt: The youngest Vanderbilt orphan, at age 5. She's the little one, who's usually sent out to do the dirty work for Sammy.

Plus, all the workers in the house, alond with their aunt and uncle who are raising them.


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