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Michal Friedman, also known as "Michal the Girl", was a voice actress and singer from Halifax, Nova Scotia note . She was most known for her roles as Annalise Zazic in Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Esther in Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Paya in Magical Witch Punie-Chan. As a singer and songwriter, she released two albums, her songs of which were featured in the film Travellers and Magicians. She was also the vocalist for various tracks from several major European dance music composers. She was also the wife of voice actor Dan Green. On Thanksgiving 2011, she died giving birth to the couple's twin children, who have survived. Charities and fund raisers for Dan Green and his kids have since been made by fans and friends.


She had an official website, found here, and hasn't been touched since her death.

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