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Michael Harding is an actor whose birth date is not stated. He has been acting since 1993.

Works he has appeared in:

  • The 5th Quarter: Coach Jim Grobe
  • American Gothic (1995): A.E. Tippett, appearing in the episode "The Plague Sower"
  • Army Wives: General Ted Baker, appearing in the episodes "A Tribe Is Born", "Nobody's Perfect", and "Truth and Consequences"
  • Bandit: Bandit Bandit: Chuck Pony (as Mike Harding)
  • Blood Done Sign My Name: Dr. Page Hudson
  • Blue River: Policeman
  • Body Politic: Jack Lund
  • A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story: Policeman (as Mike Harding)
  • Cabin Fever: Shotgun Casey
  • Cherry Falls: Coroner (as Anthony Michael Harding)
  • CI 5 The New Professionals: Officer Turner (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "Glory Days"
  • The Closest Thing to Heaven: Donnie Holiday
  • The Color of Love: Jacey's Story: Dr. Peterson (as Mike Harding)
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  • Criminal Minds: Will Redding, appearing in the episode "Self Fulfilling Prophecy"
  • The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys: Mr. Doyle (as Mike Harding)
  • Dawson's Creek: Officer Morris (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "You Had Me at Goodbye"
  • Dear John: Coin Dealer #2
  • Empire Records: Cop #4 (as Mike Harding)
  • From the Earth to the Moon: Dick Thorson (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "For Miles and Miles"
  • Funny Valentines: Paramedic
  • A Good Old Fashioned Orgy: Mr. Weber
  • Great World of Sound: Fred
  • Home of the Giants: Richard Morrison
  • I Am Not a Hipster: Dad
  • Jo: Chief Surgeon
  • Justified: Marshal Bill Nichols, appearing in the episode "Cut Ties"
  • Leo: Angry Neighbor
  • The Lesser Evil: Captain O'Brian
  • Lizard Man: The Terror of the Swamp: Professor Reeves
  • Loggerheads: Ray, the Cop (as Mike Harding)
  • Matlock: Assistant D.A. Culpepper, appearing in the episode "The Diner"; Detective, appearing in the episode "The Getaway"; Don, appearing in the episode "The Mark" (all three as Mike Harding)
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  • Mississippi Damned: Coach Harmon
  • My Own Love Song: Dr. "Jelly Bean" Clark
  • My Teacher's Wife: Shotgun Husband (as Mike Harding)
  • Nathan Dixon: Briggs
  • Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story: Reporter
  • One Tree Hill: Cop (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "I Shall Believe"; Chief, appearing in the episodes "First Day on a Brand New Planet", and "Return of the Future"
  • Orleans: Jack (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "Missing"
  • Radio: Irv the Cop
  • Radioland Murders: Cop #5 (as Mike Harding)
  • Revolution: Col. Starkey, appearing in the episodes "Kashmir", and "The Stand"
  • Ruffian: Leroy Jolley
  • The Runaway: Hack Winter (as Mike Harding)
  • Saint Maybe: Neighbor (uncredited)
  • Scattered Dreams: Billy (as Mike Harding)
  • Secretariat: E.V. Benjamin (as Mike Harding)
  • Shuffleton's Barbershop: Cal Cooper
  • Songcatcher: Reese Kincaid
  • Super Mario Bros.: Goomba
  • Surface: Dr. Burt Davey (as Mike Harding), appearing in the episode "Episode #1.4"
  • Taking Chances: Bob Shifflett
  • Taking Liberty: (as Mike Harding)
  • Throw: Don Johnston
  • Twilight Man: Deputy
  • Walker Payne: Mine Supervisor (as Mike Harding)
  • The Water is Wide: Ted Stone
  • The Young and the Restless: Doctor (Dr.) (Dan) Anan(a)da, appearing in seven episodes