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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 9 Kashmir

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Directed by Charles Beeson
Written by Jim Barnes

Charlie and the group get closer to rescuing Danny. With the aid of the rebels they use abandoned subway tunnels to get under the walls of a heavily defended Philadelphia. However, their efforts are impeded when they begin to hallucinate due to oxygen deprivation after a subway tunnel collapses. During his hallucinations it is revealed that not only did Miles attempt to assassinate Monroe, but also that Miles fears that if Monroe asked him to rejoin the Militia, he would abandon his friends and do so. Meanwhile, Rachel, still under duress by Monroe, purports to be building a device to enhance the radius of the pendant devices, but Rachel's former colleague Dr. Jaffe reveals it to be a bomb. In order to maintain her usefulness to Monroe, Rachel kills Jaffe.

Flashbacks: Unlike other episodes there are none for this episode. Instead the characters hallucinate. Miles hallucinates about seeing Monroe again and him asking him to rejoin the Republic, Nora about being bitten by a crocodile and Aaron sees his wife again. Charlie, having passed out since she hit her head on the stone floor due to a bullet graze, dreams that her journey so far has been just that, a dream.

Should not be confused with the Led Zeppelin song Kashmir. Should not be confused with The Kashmir Question.

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