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Horror Guru, also known as Josh Langland, is a movie reviewer formerly with Channel Awesome. He also has his own page called Blood Splattered Cinema. He often has crossovers with Count Jackula and the two also often host livestreams together.

Horror Guru most often reviews horror movies. The bloodier the better. He's also done some Blood Spatter Adaptations where he compares horror movies to the books that inspire them. These follow a different format than The Dom Reviews Lost In Adaptation with Guru reading out sections of the books when comparing them to certain scenes. They are equally enjoyable though for those who ever loved a book and wished the movie adaptation was a little more — faithful.


Horror Guru provides examples of:

  • Catchphrase "Greetings, Gorehounds!"
  • Costume Tropes Guru is most often seen in a red and black plaid "lumberjack" shirt.
  • Creative Closing Credits Until recently the Guru's closing credits would include a close up of an Ozzy Osbourne with Ozzy screaming "All aboard!" (Which until recently the submitter of this thought Ozzy was saying "EYEBROWS!" Until Guru informed her otherwise.) Recent changes on YouTube have caused this ending to be cut off. Before the closing credits music the Guru announces that the videos are "Brought to you by a generous donation from The Center For Unease Control."
  • Crossover: Does this often with Count Jackula. Justified since the two of them are roommates.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun Guru is the master of puns. So much so that people have called him "Carlos" after the The Magic School Bus character.
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  • Shared Universe: Due to multiple cameos, a small number of crossovers, and eventually joining Channel Awesome, his show absolutely counts as part of the Reviewaverse.
  • World of Weirdness: The Reviewaverse is this. Considering that Guru is best friends with an alien vampire, it makes sense.


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