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Formerly known as the "Herbert Limited Partnership". Herbert Properties LLC manages the intellectual property of the Frank Herbert estate, most famously the Dune series. Frank Herbert's son, Brian Herbert, who co-authors the prequel Dune books, is the managing partner.

Herbert Limited Partnership members include:

  • Brian Herbert - Frank's son by Beverly Herbert, acts as managing general partner.
  • Penny Merritt - Frank's daughter by his first wife (Flora Parkinson)
  • Ron Merritt - Penny's husband.
  • David Merritt
  • Byron Merritt - Penny's son, administrator on the official forum.
  • Robert Merritt
  • Julie Herbert - Brian's daughter.
  • Kim Herbert - Brian's daughter.
  • Margaux Herbert - Brian's daughter.
  • Theresa Shackleford - Frank's third wife.

Dune Prequel/Sequel Books authored by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson under the auspices of Herbert Properties LLC:

  • Prelude to Dune:
    • Dune: House Atreides''
    • Dune: House Harkonnen
    • Dune: House Corrino
  • Legends of Dune:
    • Dune: The Butlerian Jihad
    • Dune: The Machine Crusade
    • Dune: The Battle of Corrin
  • Post-Chapterhouse: Dune sequels:
    • Hunters of Dune
    • Sandworms of Dune
  • Heroes of Dune:
    • Paul of Dune
    • The Winds of Dune
  • Great Schools of Dune:
    • Sisterhood of Dune
    • Mentats of Dune
    • Navigators of Dune

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