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"In the 1970s, when I started writing novels, I was a figure in the margins, and that's where I belonged. If I'm headed back that way, that's fine with me, because that's always where I felt I belonged. Things changed for me in the 1980s and 1990s, but I've always preferred to be somewhere in the corner of a room, observing."
—From the 2010 The Sunday Times interview

Donald Richard DeLillo (born November 20, 1936) is an American author of several acclaimed novels. They were noted for painting a detailed portrait of American life in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

The literary critic Harold Bloom has distinguished him as one of the four greatest American novelists of his time, along with Thomas Pynchon, Cormac McCarthy and Philip Roth.


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  • Americana (1971)
  • End Zone (1972)
  • Great Jones Street (1973)
  • Ratner's Star (1976)
  • Players (1977)
  • Running Dog (1978)
  • The Names (1982)
  • White Noise (1985)
  • Libra (1988)
  • Mao II (1991)
  • Underworld (1997)
  • The Body Artist (2001)
  • Cosmopolis (2003)
  • Falling Man (2007)
  • Point Omega (2010)
  • Zero K (2016)
  • The Silence (2020)

    Short stories collection 
  • The Angel Esmeralda (2011)

Tropes found in his works:

  • Beige Prose: DeLillo's later works, beginning with The Body Artist and onwards, are these.
  • Black Comedy: A major staple in his work.
  • Doorstopper: DeLillo wrote only one long novel, Underworld, and lo, it's extremely long, clocking at 827 pages. Even several highbrow critics agree that it's too long.
  • Fakeā€“Real Turn: In Libra, this is how the assassination of JFK happened. It started as a false flag operation to fake a failed assassination attempt but became real through a process that will never be fully understood.