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Susan Dennard (born February 25th 1984) is an American young adult fantasy author. Born in Virginia and raised in Dalton, Georgia, Dennard's debut novel Something Strange and Deadly was published in 2012. In addition to Something Strange and Deadly and its sequels, she's well-known for The Witchlands series, which is set to be adapted into a television series.

Works by Dennard with their own pages include:

Other works by Dennard include:

  • Something Strange and Deadly series
    • Something Strange and Deadly (2012)
    • A Dawn Most Wicked (2013): prequel novella
    • A Darkness Strange and Lovely (2013)
    • Strange and Ever-After (2014)
  • The Starkillers Cycle (2014 - 2017) a free online novel co-authored with Sarah J. Maas
  • The Executioners Three (first uploaded in 2018) a free story available on Wattpad
  • The Luminaries (2022)

Tropes relating to Dennard and her works include:

  • Historical Fantasy: Something Strange and Deadly is set in Philadelphia during the 1876 World Fair, albeit an Alternate History where a Zombie Apocalypse occurred.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Starkillers Cycle was uploaded to Tumblr but is no longer available, so to read it you'll need to find a copy someone else has saved before it was removed.
  • Orphaned Series:
    • Serialized online Space Opera novel, The Starkilller Cycle, wasn't updated for some time and now appears to have been taken down entirely. It's been speculated this is because of Dennard and co-author Sarah J. Maas breaking off their friendship (the details aren't public but it's been noted they no longer interact during interviews/panels or post about their friendship, and they've stopped following each other on social media).
    • Dennard announced in 2019 that she was taking hiatus from Wattpad story The Executioners Three to focus on The Witchlands series; the story hasn't been updated since, leaving it incomplete.