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Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand (born August 14, 1996 in College Station, Texas) is an American actress.

She's best known for portraying the X-Men character Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the Deadpool films.

Works she has appeared in include:

Tropes applying to her works:

  • Boyish Short Hair: Given she's had a pixie cut for years with a buzzcut previously, Hildebrand's characters do as well, which is fitting as they're generally lesbians and or tomboys. In only a couple roles have her characters had long hair.
  • invokedQueer Character, Queer Actor: All of the prominent characters she has played — Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Verity (from The Exorcist), Sasha (from First Girl I Loved) Elodie (from Trinkets) and Rory (from Lucifer) — are lesbian or heavily implied to be. She's into men and women while disliking any labels.