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Not only does Incredibles 2 return our favorite characters from the last movie, but out favorite moments.

  • Rick Dicker's interview with Tony Rydinger echoes the interview with Kari in "Jack-Jack Attack" right down to both Kari and Tony expressing a desire to forget the whole thing and Dicker responding "You will, kid. You will." before activating the memory-wiper.
  • The movie calls back twice to the EL train accident that contributed to the outlawing of supers in the first movie. First, during the Underminer chase, Frozone saves an EL train when its track is destroyed. Later, Helen's runaway hovertrain chase ends with the train nearly going off the end of its rail. That night, Helen phones Bob about successfully stopping the train, making Bob start to get jealous.
    Helen: I SAVED A RUNAWAY TRAIN! [laughs giddily while Bob scowls]
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  • When Lucius extends Winston's invitation to meet him to Bob and Helen, he comments, "Wear the old suits. I've got a feeling he's nostalgic."
  • Helen accepts her mission by calling Winston and stating, "This is Elastigirl. I'm in." similar to Bob's "This is Mr. Incredible. I'm in." to Mirage in the first.
  • While not as foreboding compared to the first film, the scene where Helen goes to work for the first time echoes Bob's second trip to Nomanisan Island but with their roles switched. Helen is a little dismissive in response to Bob's prodding, too focused on work ahead. Bob tries to sound optimistic in an effort to convince himself that everything is still okay. The scene even ends on the same note: as Helen drives off, Bob places his hand on his chin and tilts his head a little wistfully, likely wondering if everything really is okay, as he watches her leave.
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  • Violet going for ice cream invisible in normal clothes calls back to the scene from the first movie where she goes invisible in normal clothes to hide from Tony Rydinger behind a short wall.
  • The sequence from the first movie in which Edna unlocks her workroom is reenacted, but this time with Jack-Jack using the biometric scanners.
  • Edna Mode showing Mr. Incredible how Jack-Jack's suit works calls back to the scene in the first movie where she was showing Helen the outfit she'd designed for Jack-Jack.
  • When Edna agrees to babysit Jack-Jack and sees Bob out the door, she ends her Motor Mouth monologue with the words "I enjoy our visits", which is exactly how she ends her Pull Yourself Together speech to Helen in the first movie.
  • Edna's remark that Jack-Jack seems to like Mozart is a callback to Kari explaining in the first movie that she was going to play Mozart for Jack-Jack to make him smarter, and to her actually playing it (and it triggering his powers for the first time) in Jack-Jack Attack.
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  • The sequence where Dash wants to pull Mr. Incredible up, but Violet keeps telling him to wait echoes the similar sequence in the first movie when Bob was wanting to fire the claw but Helen wanted to wait for a closer shot.
  • Violet reintroducing herself to Tony Rydinger at the end of the movie echoes the moment from the end of the first movie in which she introduced herself to him for the first time.
  • At the end of the movie, the family wagon transforms into the new-and-improved family-sized Incredibile just as Bob's sedan did in The Incredibles.
  • In both movies when Mr. Incredible asks another super about their powers, he is rebutted with reference to his own powers. In the first movie, Mr. Incredible asks why Frozone can't put out the fire with his ice powers. Frozone explains that he's badly dehydrated and snarks at Bob "what's your excuse? Run out of muscle?". In the current story, when Mr. Incredible asks Krushhauer why he can't use his telekinesis to clear away wreckage blocking a hallway, he says being asked to uncrush something is like asking Mr. Incredible to "unpunch" something.
  • When an angry Elastigirl meets Mr. Incredible on Nomanisan Island, he pulls her into a kiss. A hypnotized Elastigirl pulls him into a kiss, but she does so to distract him long enough to put Screenslaver's hypnotizing goggles on him, placing him under Screenslaver's control as well.
  • Fironic, one of the heroes who knew the Deavors' father, was the completely unseen superhero bystanders mistook Syndrome for in The Incredibles. Gazerbeam, the other hero, was the lawyer who defended Mr. Incredible, and the body found in the cave on Nomanisan, in that movie.
  • While Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are being interrogated by the police, pictures from their interviews in the first movie appear.
  • A TV broadcast about Elastigirl features the interview clip of her from the beginning of the first movie.
  • In a scene where Bob is rummaging through cartons of stuff saved from the old house, some of the items from his study in the first movie are visible, such as the jar of bullets that had bounced off him.
  • Helen mentions that all of Robert's suits were destroyed when the jet destroyed their house, referencing Syndrome's explosive end.
  • Mr. Incredible can be seen pouring coffee into an Insuricare mug at one point, a nod to his previous job in the first movie.
  • When Violet attempts to destroy her suit to underscore her renouncement of superheroism, she can't even damage it a little. Edna did say they were virtually indestructible when she shows them off to Helen.
  • The ending credits begin the exact same way visually as they did in the first film, with shots of the family members doing various things, before changing to reflect the events of the second movie instead of the first.
  • The end credits include the "original" versions of the hero themes that the heroes sing along with Winston Deavor when they meet him.
  • A very subtle one. In a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the first film's opening, when Mr. Incredible turns the dial on the Incredibile, you can see a "Hydro Transport" setting, which he moves past. In this film, we get to see that setting in action.

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