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Be good or BEWARE!

South Pole Santa Clause is a Comic Book by Kizer Nix.

Santa Claus has always made sure to give presents only to good little boys and girls. However, recently, that's changed. Now he's giving presents to ALL little boys and girls, regardless of whether they've been naughty or nice.

Well, one man won't stand for that. After having spent his whole life on Santa's naughty list, and never receiving a single present from him as a kid, he's decided he needs to maintain the order of Christmas. So, donning a black suit and calling himself the South Pole Santa Claus, he now spends Christmas Eve traveling the world on a sleigh pulled by flying wolves, taking presents from the naughty and giving them to the nice.

The comic was funded on Kickstarter on December 31st, 2018, and released in April of 2019.


South Pole Santa Claus contains examples of: