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Characters / Too Fat Too Furious
aka: Vet Hard

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Actor: Jack Wouterse

A snackbar owner and criminal who has a very violent temper, but also a softer side and a close relationship with his (adoptive) father.


  • Berserk Button:
    • Being called fat. Do that to his face and at least you'll get violently punched - or you might be shot dead.
    • He does not take it well if someone says anything less than revering about his (formerly, Masts') car "Betsy".
  • Deadpan Snarker: Amongst others, see under Black Comedy, Bungled Suicide and the page quote on the main page.
  • Embarrassing Ringtone: Una Paloma Blanca, not a song you'd expect from a big, though, criminal guy.
  • Large and in Charge: He's clearly bigger than the other characters, and he's the one making the plans and decisions, taking charge, and bossing the others around (verbally, or if needed physically).
  • Shipper on Deck: Though he initially hates both Koen and Katja, at the end of the movie he is the one encouraging them to get together.
    Bennie: [After driving Koen up to Katja's home] Come on!
    Koen: She doesn't want me anymore...
    Bennie: Well, then you'll just have to try harder for her. [...] Now, come on.
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  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Uses lots of foul language, including many "Goddamnit"s.


Actor: Bracha van Doesburgh

A mentally unstable woman—especially now that she just broke up with her boyfriend for his cheating on her—who acts timid most of the time, but if provoked, shows both impressive voice power, and remarkable physical strength for her size.


  • Ambiguous Disorder: She alternates between speaking with a robotic, childish voice and not showing any emotions, and bouts of Suddenly Shouting. This is reverted by the end of the movie when she finds love with Koen, upon which she totally melts and finally acts normal emotionally.
  • Catchphrase: "I have to piss!"
  • ChewingTheScenery: She has bouts of suddenly snapping out of her usual almost robotic self and Suddenly Shouting.
    Katja: [At the bank, up until then she speaks meekly; but when the bank employee apparently is taking too long for her she suddenly screams in an over-the-top voice] NOW CAN WE HURRY IT UP HERE A BIT!!!
    [Everybody in the bank starts to look at her, upon which she gives an embarrassed smile and reverts back to the timid version of herself.]
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  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Says to Koen that she likes doing it where you can be caught.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: A petite lady, but she easily knocks down to the ground with extreme force the much taller and heavier Bennie with a drip holder.
  • Potty Emergency: She throughout the movie repeatedly has to pee apparently very urgently, including during a bank robbery, and later when she is seducing / about to have sex with Koen. She also always crassly announces to whoever is around her at that time "I have to piss!".
  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: In her introduction scene she is shown to be planning to commit suicide because (her now ex) Lars cheated on her; because Bennie et al. cross paths with her, she can't act this out. In the end, Lars ends up being murdered by Bennie et al., she stumbles across his dead body in a freezing room, upon which she does a major Groin Attack upon his dead body. Apparently, this gives her some closure, since she afterwards finds true love with Koen and seems to be having gotten over Lars.

Martin and Peter

Actors: Cas Jansen and Johnny de Mol

Bennies snackbar employees. Heterosexual Life-Partners who are foodies and nice guys.


  • Captain Obvious: Both have a tendency to state the overly obvious.
    Martin: [At the corpse of Lars who just got a brutal death in front of them] Well, he's not gonna pay now...
    Peter: [After a Bungled Suicide happens in front of them] She jumped...
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: They are always together, share a passion for baking and want to have their own bakery.
  • Team Chef: They constantly bake quiches, even when they should have more important things to worry about.

Alternative Title(s): Vet Hard


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