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Characters / Teen Titans

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Teen Titans refers to a super hero team that appears in several media. For characters from each version, see:

Main DCU: note 

  • Original Teen Titans (1964-1979) note 
  • The New Teen Titans (1980-1994) note 
  • Arsenal's Titans (1994-1996) note 
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  • Atom's Teen Titans and The Titans (1996-2003) note 
  • Post-Graduation Day (2003-2011) note 
  • Post-Flashpoint (2011-2016) note 
  • Post-Rebirth (2016-present) note 
  • Ancillary Teams (Titans West, Titans L.A., Titans East, Honorary Titans) note 
  • Teen Titan's Academy note 
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  • Enemies note 

Other Comic Book Continuities:

Animated Series:

Live-Action TV Series:

Alternative Title(s): Comic Book Teen Titans