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The Marv Wolfman/George Perez Teen Titans Drinking Game:

  • Every time the entire team is shown in one panel, drink.
  • Every time Robin (later Nightwing) broods about not being as good as Batman, drink.
  • Every time Starfire reminds someone that she is an Okaaran Warrior, drink.
  • Every time Raven is sad about not being able to show emotion, drink.
  • Every time Cyborg uses inexplicable "street lingo" despite the fact that he was raised by research scientists, drink.
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  • Every time Wonder Girl/Troia has doubts about her relationship, drink.
  • Every time Kid Flash says he doesn't fit in, drink.
  • Every time Changeling does something in animal form that's blatant sexual harassment, drink (two if it's in his humanoid form).

The animated TV Series Drinking Game:

It is recommended that this game be played in an episode marathon; it is also preferable to choose the episodes at random, since every season focuses more on one or another character, which would reduce fairness if each player chooses a different one. Unless it's funnier that way, of course.

The Pick-a-character version:

  • Robin:
    • Sip every time he needs to say "trouble" when the alert is obvious.
    • Have a sip if he calls Slade by name when the latter has just appeared on screen, in view of everyone.
    • Sip at every "Titans! Go!" in the beginning of a battle.
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    • Finish your drink if he introduces the villain of the day with a cheesy pun.
    • You may choose to drink every time the show makes it clear that he's Dick Grayson without outright saying it.
  • Raven:
    • Drink every time she says "AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" (WARNING! This can put you in a coma very quickly!).
      • Finish your drink if it's interrupted.
      • Down a bottle if someone else says it (Do not try this on "Switched" - you WILL die).
    • Have a small sip at every snarky remark.
      • Have two if it's directed at Beast Boy.
    • Have a sip if she expresses that she doesn't do emotions, or fun, or both.
      • If she snarks to do so, it obviously adds up.
    • Have a sip if her dark background or relationship with her father is evoked.
    • Finish your drink if she does something that is particularly terrifying.
    • Drink every time she's reading a book instead of socializing.
      • Drink a second time if she does it right in front of the others.
  • Cyborg:
    • Drink if he says "Booyah". Every time.
    • Drink if he complains, brags, or otherwise interacts verbally with anyone on the subject of his car.
    • Sip if he evokes the fact that he's not human.
      • Drink twice if he inverts the previously mentioned trope.
    • Sip if he's shown playing videogames.
    • Sip if he's portrayed as the funny Big Eater.
  • Starfire:
    • Have a sip if her Naïve Newcomer idiosyncracy is brought up.
    • Have another sip if she misunderstands an Earthly expression.
    • Have a sip if she ends a sentence or question by "Yes?"
    • Sip if she engages in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, or speaks overly formally.
      • All of those stack up if needed.
  • Beast Boy:
    • Sip every time he acts immaturely.
    • Have a small sip if he's being a butt-monkey.
      • Double the previous ration if he does it on purpose.
    • Sip every time he indulges in his passion for video games.
      • Double ration if he's playing with Cyborg.
    • Drink every time he refers to his being a vegetarian and respect for animals in all forms.


  • Drink every time each member of the team gets a shot in a fight, but none of them obtain any result.
  • Drink every time two or more characters have a petty serious argument. Usual subjects are : someone being stubborn, someone not listening to someone else, someone getting mad because they feel their efforts are underappreciated...
  • Drink if the team fails to see that Slade is obviously behind the current plot.
  • Drink if a previously defeated villain comes back with no explanation about how they escaped, or weren't destroyed.
  • Drink when the show's family-friendlyness is temporarily put aside as if it were nothing; e.g. someone suffers a Fate Worse than Death, or deliberately put into deadly danger.

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